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Archive for June 5th, 2007

How should footy be run in Asia?

Posted by hanoiswans on June 5, 2007

We’re used to high flying men but last week’s emails flying around the Asian Footy Houses about random and seeded draws, to say the least, was fairly interesting for us Swans in our first Championships year.

Pizza Dan from the Bali Geckos put up a spirited argument for introducing a seeded draw this year but was unsuccessful. His  email is attached.

Rooster (now with the Singapore Wombats) who was apparently a key advocate for the introduction of the Asian Champs back in 2000, wrote an email (click for ) exhorting the Asian Footy Presidents to start actively steering the footy ship to ensure we end up where we intend. As an example, he asks what should happen if the UAE win the Champs and ask to host it in the Middle East? Is that fair enough? “Maybe they should be like Heather Locklear in Melrose Place - ‘Always welcome but always a special guest star’ “.

Pizza Dan believes that footy in Asia needs to be more formalised with a Commitee of Presidents and a Chair. He first distributed a proposed league based system a year ago that would be run alongside the Champs (not replace). He’s very keen that people start to actively debate and discuss these issues. Have a look at the . 

RoosterAlso, in an earlier posting it was stated that the Asian Champs is the only truly regional competition (or “something similar” words). Well, this makes our friend, Mr Rooster think it’s 4am again. Rooster has also been involved with the Central European AFL Championships, so click on  for more. This weekend, as it happens, Rooster is off to Vienna to watch the CEAFL Grand Final.

Antti, the Finn, is the guy with blonde hair.It will come as no surprise to the Hanoi Swans to learn that the Finns are the reigning champs of this CEAFL competition. We once had the Big Finn, Antti, play with us for 6 months last year. We now know there’s more to Finland than just Santa and vodka.

In this photo, Antti the Big Finn is the big guy with blonde hair (Dead Cat Stadium, Hanoi). 

It seems like the Vietnamese Swans have entered the Asian Champs at a very interesting stage of its development. There’s certainly no shortage of people who care about footy in Asia.

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Laoatian Elephants and Squashed Moths

Posted by hanoiswans on June 5, 2007

You may recall that our neighbours in Laos are so excited about the Champs that they’re planning on starting a new club called the “Lao Elephants - Slow, fat and almost extinct”.

Upon learning of the Swans colour clash with every other club in South & North East Asia, these Einsteins collectively put on their thinking caps. They now have a Concept Design and Team Song (see ) for their new uniforms which Michael Hassett helpfully offered to us. The Elephants ”doubt there will be a clash on grey and pink”.

The Swans, frankly, were disappointed with their concept and advised them accordingly:

“The trouble with you guys is that there is a big difference between ‘almost extinct’ and ‘extinct’. We fear we may have met you prematurely. Hearin’ us?”

The Elephants replied:

“Piss off duck or I’ll stomp your head”.

IQ’s of squashed moths. We’re Swans. 

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Socceroos at 2007 Asian Cup - Tickets

Posted by hanoiswans on June 5, 2007

As you will be aware, the Australian Socceroos will be playing at the 2007 Asian Soccer Cup in Bangkok on the same weekend as our Aussie Rules Champs. On Friday, 13 July, the Socceroos play Iraq at 5:20pm. On Monday 16 July, at 7:35pm, they play Thailand.

The Vietnam Swans haven’t organised a team booking to attend either match. If you would like to coordinate a team booking for those who haven’t already purchased tickets, email the . Otherwise, tickets can be bought on line at the .

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