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Archive for July 2nd, 2010

The Saigon Prez’s update

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 2, 2010

Josh Little believes this is photographic evidence that the National President was originally a "ranga"

Saigon President, Derrin Limbrick, gives us the weekly update.

Gents, after the controversy surrounding the Vietnam Swans Rumor Mill’s claims that our National President (aka the Silver Fox) is in fact a ranga in disguise, I have decided to give the rumors a rest and instead focus on gearing everyone up for the Jakarta Clash on the 10th July.  So, now is the time to get fired up lads.  I need everyone who is available to get down to training this weekend so that we can have a good hit out, which will be our last  before the match.  If you’re intending to play, please make sure you’re there.  This is our first home game in HCMC this year so lets make it count and get a win against Jakarta.

Now, for those of you who are keen to watch the big match tonight between the Hawks and the Bulldogs, Josh and Fabbo will be hosting the game at Cafe Latin and plan on introducing some extra curricular fun thanks to our friends at Jim Beam.  So if you’re looking for somewhere to watch the match, or if you’re just looking for some cheap laughs, get along to Latin at around 7.30 pm tonight!

Now, for something a little bit left field, we will be following with tradition and giving everyone the weekend off training after the Jakarta match.  So instead I am proposing that we look at a possible afternoon at the par 3 course in D7.  If someone is keen to put their hand up and sort this out that would be awesome so if this is your thing let me know.  I am sure that it would provide a suitable amount of laughs for the hackers out there, myself included.

Bintangs Tour “Kainey Cup”

Team spots are up for grabs so make sure you get to training guys.  The weekend is taking shape and looks like it will be a great time had for all.

At this stage the plans for the weekend will revolve around Friday night footy and a beer with the Bintangs at Cafe Latin.  Remember to make sure you purchase plenty of beers (and tequila) for our guests on Friday.  It all helps on the Saturday.

Then on Saturday the match will kick off at 2 30 pm at RMIT.  We will have food and drinks available at the ground and encourage families and friends to get along.  On that note, I am also looking for a team of volunteers who will not be playing to assist with jobs such as goal and boundary umpire, scorer, manning the beer tent etc.  Day’s like this do not run without volunteers so if you keen to help out let me know.

After the game we will then move on to Cafe Latin for the after match function, followed by Gus and Shagger’s tour of Saigon’s after 2 pm venues.

For those that were not here last year, we have a trophy that we play for called the “Kainey Cup”.  Named after Vietnam Swan and Jakarta Bintangs legend Dave Kainey, aka The Flyer, who you would have seen running around for the Hawks in Vung Tau or posing as the white maggot in the second half.  Last year the Bintangs won the trophy in Jakarta so this is our chance to win it back.


Ok, it looks like the dates for the Cambodian Road Trip have been finalized for the weekend of the 31st July.  We did this last season and it has widely been regarded as one of the best tours ever.  So this is not one to miss.  Make sure you keep the weekend free and I will be in touch with more details as soon as possible.  We are also expecting them to return the favor and tour HCMC on the 14th August.  All good.

Heritage Round 2

With the memories of the 1 point loss to the Hanoi Hawks still firmly in mind, our chance for redemption is at hand.  The return leg of Heritage Matches will be in Hanoi on the 28th August and I hope that we can get a good team together and bring the trophy home with us.

Grand Final Committee

It looks like Matty T is putting together a crack team for the Grand Final Committee this year so if you want to be involved, let myself or Matt know.  We are also looking for potential sponsors and for footy memorabilia that the Club can auction.  So speak to your sources and get it sorted out.  Now is the time gents.   I know you love this club so now is the time to show everyone.

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