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Archive for July 6th, 2010

Kainey Cup, La Vie Water, Asian Champs… b-i-g.

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 6, 2010

Nasho Prezo Fabbo delivers another monster update!

Dear Swannies, Sponsors and Supporters… It’s still mega:

  • The Kainey Cup 10 July, Saigon – Gus and Jerry’s farewell
  • Sponsorship news – La Vie Water to sponsor Swannies
  • 2010 & 2011 Asian Championships
  • More footy matches
  • Vietnam Swannies Reunion at MCG on 25 July
  • Friday night footy’s On in the ‘Gon with Josh
  • Facebook fires up
  • Closing thought

The Kainey Cup, Saturday, 10 July, Saigon

Vietnam Swans Vs Jakarta Bintangs is back on in the ‘Gon. The Kainey Cup, as well as giving both Clubs the chance to doff our hats to Dave “Flyer” Kainey, is developing a great rivalry and friendship between the Swans and Bintangs.

For this Kainey Cup, we will farewell Gus McEwin, a former Captain who was there for our first match back in 2003 and holds the Club record for most number of games played. We also farewell Jerry who will follow Aussie Rules back home to and in the US before he and Linda take it to Algeria on their next posting.

Full details of the Kainey Cup’s weekend of festivities, at which all are warmly welcomed, can be found in the magnificent promo poster (or see post below) which was very graciously designed by Sandra McNair back in NZ. If you need some graphic design work, email now.

La Vie Water to sponsor Swannies

Sponsorship News – to sponsor Swannies

La Vie Water, owned by Nestle, has just confirmed that it will be the Swannies’ Official National Supplier of Water in Hanoi and Saigon at both events and training sessions. Given Vietnam’s heat and humidity can be stifling, all Swannies players are particularly and extremely grateful for La Vie’s very generous support.

La Vie now joins a very strong list of National Sponsors for the Swannies that includes our Signature Sponsor, ; as well as , , , , , and

During the week, Odyssey Resources sent out the to its database that referred to its association with the Swannies. Corsair Marine has also run several similar stories on its . We are very pleased that these sponsors are able to find additional ways to leverage off their sponsorship.

In other sponsorship news, Jetstar has decided that it would not renew its sponsorship from 1 July 2010. The Vietnam Swans would like to thank Jetstar for their previous sponsorship. It was greatly appreciated and has contributed to the growth of our Club.

2010 & 2011 Asian Championships

The 2010 Asian Championships will be held in Shanghai on 16 October during World Expo. The AFL will hold an exhibition match the day after the Champs between Melbourne and Brisbane. AFL Supremo, Andrew Demetriou, shall meet with each of the Asian footy clubs while he is there. It will be a mega weekend.

The Swannies will go into this tournament with much to prove and this is the year that we will make our mark on the field. To maximise our chances, we need to ensure that all our players can get there. It’s not going to be easy because of the financial cost and time required off work. For the first time, the Club will be looking to offer our players some modest financial support. Until this tour, our players have paid 100 per cent of their personal costs (hotels, airfares etc).

The 2010 Champs will be a difficult tour but the cost of not sending a strong team is too great. If we’re not at the Asian Champs, we’re not really playing Asian footy. So, we have a few fundraisers coming…

Meanwhile, a number of the Asian footy clubs have nominated Vietnam to host the 2011 Asian Champs. With up to 12 countries playing, it would be a massive event. But, to host the Champs, we would need two footy ovals side by side to get through all the matches in a single day. We’re looking.

Obvious timing for the event would be Saturday, 20 August 2011. That would allow people (players, veterans, officials, etc) to attend the service at Long Tan for Vietnam Veterans Day two days earlier on 18 August and to then attend the Champs.

The Cambodian Cobras Vs the Swannies

More footy matches

On 31 July, the Cambodian Cobras, sporting brand new Adelaide jumpers with a cobra, will take on the Vietnam Swans in Phnom Penh. The Cobras, this time, are speaking enthusiastically about becoming a regular on the Asian circuit. The Swannies will therefore be particularly pleased to travel there to help generate the interest and motivation as they start up.

Heritage Round, Hanoi, 28 August 2010. After the one-point nail biter in Vung Tau for the ANZAC Friendship Match, will the Hanoi Hawks be able to withstand the fiercely determined Saigon Saints?? Oooh, I wouldn’t wanna miss that match! Should be a cracker.

Vietnam Swans reunion at MCG on Sunday 25 July

So far, we have 14 confirmed ex Swannies who will attend the reunion in the MCC Members of the MCG for the Melbourne Vs Sydney match. If you would like to come, please confirm with .

Josh "Pudding" Little. Who wouldn't want to get on the couch with this Swannie?

Friday Night Footy’s On in the ‘Gon with Josh

This Friday night, prior to the arrival of the Jakarta Bintangs and the Port-Collingwood telecast, Josh Little will resurrect “On the couch” upstairs at Cafe Latin. It will be sponsored by Jim Beam. On the Couch will happen each week continuing right up to the AFL Grand Final. It will play an important role for the Club providing a focus for the players, officials and partners to meet up on Friday nights. And, maybe even do some fundraising for the 2010 Asian Champs!

The whisper is that Hanoi will do something similar again. On the couch was the precursor to the Swannies getting started in Hanoi in 2003.

Facebook fires up

We’ve tried it before and we are going back to it. Facebook. Every story going on the Swannies website will now be linked on Facebook so if you’re a “friend” of the “Vietnam Swans”, you’ll be notified automatically whenever there is new Swannies news. But don’t worry; we’re not going to tweet you. The tweets are far too short.

Closing thought

I did have something profound to write – but I lost it. Some Vietnamese bloke outside on a motorbike is honkin’ his horn.

He probably loves the footy in Asia. Like we all do.

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