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The Cambodian Match Report

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 3, 2010

Coach Josh barks out some directions in last month's match against Jakarta while a nervous Jerry looks on

Coach Josh “Pudding” Little prepares the match report for last weekend’s blockbuster in Phnom Penh at which the Swannies won 13.21 (99) to the Cobras’ 1.9 (15)

Fresh off a convincing win against Jakarta, one of the largest Swannies’ touring groups got together for the famous road trip to Cambodia.

Legend has it that the Cambodian trip is not one to be missed and the numbers were stronger than any tour this year with the support coming from Glen Nolan & the Vung Tau Massive.

This game had a greater meaning than just a fun weekend. Vietnam Legend, Rick Trewavas, who played such a strong role in establishing the Club so many years ago, is currently struggling with a long term illness. The boys were determined to play the game for him and just two days beforehand, it was decided that the BOG would be awarded with the inaugural Rick Trewavas Medal.

The trip started off on a Friday afternoon with the team all jumping on our own specially chartered bus to Phnom Penh. Little did we know that we were on a bus that was 50 per cent consumed by cargo that didn’t even belong to the Club! Ah well, that’s Vietnam.

Cambodians, like Vietnamese, also love their footy. As a tribute to Aussie Rules, it is not uncommon for Cambodians to sometimes add an extra stupa to their flag to sympolise a set of goal posts.

After a long drive and some fun travelling games, the team finally arrived in Cambodia and, much to the surprise of many people, the whole team made it through to Cambodia without any issues.

The game kicked off at midday on Saturday with the wind picking up (which always brings rain thanks to our weather man, Willy) it was extremely important that the Swans got off to a strong start. And boy we did! With Duksey leading the side for the first time, it what was easily the best quarter of football that I have ever seen the Swans produce. With the ball being switched around the backline, which was giving the forwardline the ultimate delivery, the Swans hit the board numerous times in the opening term. The class of the backline with Derrin leading the way was proving too much for the Cambodian forwards. Goals to Danny, Timmy, Brett, Sam & Shagga (yes, that’s Shannon Leahy) giving the team the early spark we needed.

Cambodia fired up for the 2nd term and came out a lot harder. To the Swans credit, the boys stood strong and took the hard hits. None harder than Matty Townsend who put his body on the line for the team and received an extremely nasty cut above his eye… just a shame it was a water bottle that cut open his eye and not the opposition. In his defence, the bottle was thrown at him by Larry; he just needed to catch it.

With no goals being scored in the 2nd quarter by either side, the Swans were a bit worried that Cambodia would fancy their chances in the 2nd half and would come out firing. Again the Swans were up to the task with blokes like Brett, the Horn, Nicko & Duksey getting smashed by tackles all day and just proving how strong this Club really is! Finally after many missed shots, the Swans got back on the board and the flood gates started to open a little. Goals to Bushy and Duksey helped the team regain some structure as the Swans started to run away with the game.

The final term started off in dramatic fashion with Cambodia receiving a free kick in front of goal which would finally produce their first and only goal of the match. As they did all day, the backline held their own and were the backbone of the victory. Guys like Dezza, Stu, Sam Conroy, Pete and also, full of beans Richard, held down their opponents all day.

Goals came easily in the last with Brett, Shagga, Kevin and Duksey all getting amongst it. With many great individual performances, it was clearly a team effort from everyone involved in what was one of the Club’s most famous victories. The final margin a whopping 84 points!

With the boys all locked in arms and shouting out the Club song (thanks to Danny for giving us practice in the bus on the way to the ground) it was a result for Rick Trewavas who, we were told, was proud to hear that is was Brett Jotta who took out his award as judged by Glen Nolan and the Vung Tau Massive. Brett was fantastic all day and took plenty of hits but just kept getting up! He hardly wasted a single possession (would of had about 30!) and kicked much needed goals. Not only that, Brett wore footy boots and was quoted after the game “it didn’t feel right”.

The Cambodian boys were fantastic hosts and really impressed with the physical presence on the field and will continue to improve as the club continues to develop. Everyone went back to Murray’s after the game for a BBQ and and some drinks in what was also an interesting battle that took place between Cambodia & Vietnam again.

After the team jumped on the bus (eventually) it was time for the fine session to take place in what was another funny session and the perfect way to cap off a flawless weekend. This was a trip to remember and, surely, up there with some of the great tours in Swannies history. Fun weekend with a convincing win always goes down well!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the weekend so great.

Still to come: Photos of the weekend and a match report that appeared in yesterday’s Phnom Penh Post.

3 Responses to “The Cambodian Match Report”

  1. Scott Stacey said

    Guys, I am damn jealous. That Cambodian bus tour is definitely one of the great tours in International Footy, or what I can remember of it!

  2. Shagga said

    I threw up 35 minutes into the trip. Beer & Shagga doesn’t go well! ;)

  3. willy said

    a big congrats to all involved and glenn and the vung tau boys for support’n us on the trip.

    and shags mate, i reckon there is somethin’ in ya hav’n to blow gravy before the game. 2 goals everytime. just awesome..

    go you swannies!!

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