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Photos of Kainey Cup available, courtesy “Asian Images”

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 4, 2010

Captain Gus, in his farewell match against Jakarta, dominated.

While devotees of last weekend’s Cambodian Cobras Vs Vietnam Swans match anxiously await some photos, the Swannies Blog announces that photos of last month’s Kainey Cup against Jakarta are now on the .

All photos of the Kainey Cup, which the Swannies won, were taken by Adam Martin.

Adam is a professional photographer and has taken incredible photos from around Asia. Those photos can be found on his website at .

The Vietnam Swans thank Adam and Asian Images very much for his generous support.

Photos of the Cambodian Match are expected to be available shortly. Click for photos of the Kainey Cup.

4 Responses to “Photos of Kainey Cup available, courtesy “Asian Images””

  1. Glenn said

    Matt Townsend has all the photos I took including bus trip. There are some good ones.
    Vung Tau supporters

  2. willy said

    has someone super imposed gus’s head on that bloke with the ball tucked under his arm? j.c. it almost looks like he knows what he is doing..

  3. willy said

    and why is there always 55 shots out of 94 of the national pres giv’n a speech??

  4. Shagga's Mother said

    That’s Gus alright… I should know ;)

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