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Archive for April 27th, 2008

Ms Triumph trumps Swans’ Blog

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 27, 2008

Last week, the Swans Blog had its 30,000th hit (today it’s rocketing along on 31,604).  This is an unprecedented number for the Swans Blog.

Taking advantage of the bragging rights associated with such lofty heights, the Swans Blog was talking to a friend who works for Triumph (her place of employment is of relevance to this story as we share the same club/corporate colours of red and white).

Ms Triumph started her personal blog 5 months prior to the Swans’ – and has had 110,000 more hits than us! Further, the only people who can see her blog must have an exclusive invitation! The Swans Blog by contrast will let anyone, anywhere. any time log on to our site. Sadly, we have just 20 per cent of her number of hits.

Speaking of hits, while researching this story, the Swans Blog discovered Triumph’s “My Chopsticks Bra” (see side photo). The My Chopsticks Bra was unveiled in Japan on 7 November. It features a pair of (nice) cups that resemble bowls of rice and miso soup and a pair of collapsible chop sticks that tuck into either side.

As you may be aware, Japanese consumers are becoming more aware of the negative impact that disposable chopsticks have on the environment. While it is becoming increasingly trendy for people to reduce waste by carrying around their own reusable chopsticks, Japanese consumers still go through an estimated (90,000 tons) of disposable chopsticks each year. This amounts to 200 pairs per person and is an unheard of statistic.

According to the highly respected , Triumph lingerie model, Yuko Ishida, who ordinarily carries around a pair of her own chopsticks, says she hopes people will think of the environment when they see this bra, adding that “the chopsticks on the sides help add a little extra volume to your bust.”

The My Chpsticks Bra sounds like a beauty.

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Hanoi Vs Saigon – Photos

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 27, 2008

Last weekend, 19 April 2008, was the match between the Hanoi Swans and Saigon Saints. It was played in Nha Trang which was a first for AFL football in Vietnam.

History went on to record that the strong finishing Saigon went on to record a victory. Pago, President of the Saigon Rugby Club and President of the Saigon Saints in an earlier era quickly – and helpfully – pointed out that Saigon remains undefeated to the northerners.

The photos above have been kindly supplied by Big Joe and Little Lek. Click on the photos to enlarge.

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