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Archive for April, 2008

Footy returns to Dead Cat Stadium, Hanoi

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 10, 2008

Tonight, at Dead Cat Stadium in Hanoi, footy returns. Apparently, footy hasn’t been played there since the lead up to the Tri Nations Tournament against Laos and Thailand in November of last year. So what’s all the fuss about? The Nha Trang weekend which is coming up on Saturday week.

Mr Lester the Court Jester in Hanoi says it will be his first training session since the days of former President, Taber. Goodness gracious sakes! Taber left in July of last year!! Shame on you, Mr Lester.

Speaking of Taber, this week the Swans Blog learnt that he had had enough of teaching back in Brisbane and so he has hung up his chalk. He’s decided to go the landscaping and gardening option instead.

Amazing scenes everywhere.   

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Round 3 – The Tip Star’s footy tips and insights

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 6, 2008

Up until this point The Vietnam Swans tipping comp has been flying – stand out performances all over the park, mostly good, a couple bad. With Round 3 just gone, for some there were a few games that obviously looked a little tough to pick – there was plently of spread in the numbers, the highlights and lowlights below

The Good

Mark Procter, Matthew Johns and Rory Spreckler tipping a classy 8 from 8. R. Spreckler manging to double his previous combined tipping total. Obviously 3 to watch over the up and coming weeks. The money is on “1 more Matty Johns” to probably fade to mid table – probably like the Hawks will do.

The Bad

Uncle Crow (Scotty Stacey) and ”The # 1 Drew” have managed the devils number 6,6,6 so far this season.  There is a word about town that there is a little bit of devil in these 2 off the park as well. From 2 blokes who have been talking up their tipping skills, probably need to do a little more.  A couple of 1 hit 1 wonders, ”The Quang Ngai Stalwart” and ”The Hawks fan” who both plummetted from 8′s last week to a lazy 4 this week.   

The ugly

The Vietnam Swany is currently placed 262,744 out of the entire comp – 262, 914 and with a lazy 7 from 3 rounds is starting to ask why there isn’t a prize finishing last. At this stage he will need a bigger comeback than the Blues in the 1970 G-Final – Jezza-linko, You beauty!

Overall – The top 5 of the comp is starting to take shape – The Bloke, Matt Ball, Mark Procter, Tony Morwood and Side Door Fabbo Phil. So the rest of us, how about a lift. Study up this week and get those tips in nice and early. The blokes out in front are solid contributors and their consistancy is paying off. But there is a whisper about Saigon (probably started by Golden Boots Gus (G Train, Capt) that they can get the shakes when under pressure and go off the boil – so get in their ear !!!

Until next week – or Saturday at training D7 RMIT Saigon South 2.30 PM Sharp, or 7.30pm Thursday at Dead Cat Stadium in Hanoi - good luck with the tipping and support the Vietnam Swans.

The Tip Star

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Nha Trang trip – 2 weeks to go

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 4, 2008

It’s just two weeks before the big footy trip to Nha Trang happens.

The Hanoi Dragons were unable to field a team at all and so now the rugby will be played off between Saigon and Nha Trang. Once that stuff is finished, then we’ll have the Annoyin’ Hanoians against the Saigon-“hangs down to his”-nese in the footy.

If you need transport up or down to Nha Trang, then you are politely requested to organize it your self. If you need accommodation in Nha Trang, then you might like to try:

Ha Van Hotel, 3/2 Tran Quang Khai, Nha Trang

Bob – of Café Latin fame – is the manager and an old friend of Saigon Rugby Club and you can contact him on 090 974 7854 or  

If you hold your breath and say very quietly that you are with the Saigon Rugby Club, he will drop the price from $15 to $12 per night. Is it worth $3 to drop your pride and say you’re with the rugby club? You decide.

The venue of the match on Saturday afternoon will cost the respective clubs a grand total of VND1.6million. That includes: 

  • 100 bottles of water
  • 100 cold towels
  • Free line marking.

To see just how good a deal that is, you had better book your flight and come on down/up. Just two weeks to go.

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Vietnam Swans TIPSTARS – RD 2

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 4, 2008

Muzza the Tip Star makes his long awaited return to commentary:

Short but sweet this week lads.

Highlight of the week – all 30 participants in the comp all on board and got their tips in.  Lowlight of the week, the early fall from grace of the Vietnam stalwart – the “Stray”. He slumped from a Top 5 in round 1 to bottom 2 in Round 2. Hell!.

Plenty of boring blokes in the comp. Matthew Ball, Kutch, Boz, Muzza, Drew, Mick the Dick F, Johnny Tatnell, Locket 1300 (most of them kicked in the bog at Morrabbin when where no one cared), Rory Sprekler (fake name) – all tipped the same number across both rounds and need to break out and grow some B#lls.

Bony M – also known as Tony M. Finally lived up to his rep. Nice one slotting in a lazy 7.

Can’t forget the awesome 4 some – blokes who jagged 8 last week included, Griggsy from somewhere in the middle of Nam, Troggs, Mr CBA and Hawks fan.

So onto RD 3. At the moment it looks as though the Hanoi TIPSTARS are far from it. How about you blokes lift your game and start getting ready for the “STATE OF ORIGIN” in Nha Trang later this month. Can’t promise a shoot out similar to Dunstall V Ablett V Lockett V Who cares, like in the mid 90′s – but get your act together and pull on the shorts. Huge bragging rights that will last for the entire year.


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From Tip Star to Wang Kar

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 3, 2008

Controversy has struck the Swans Footy Tipping competition in just its second week of the season.

Last week it was all good. Muzza the Tip Star kicked off the season with his weekly wrap of the weekend’s AFL footy tipping action. We all knew what had happened.

This week, the people are asking, “Where’s Muzza?”. Spontaneous demonstrations have flared with some protestors carry placards that simply say, “You’re fired”.

A Club Spokesman said they were unsure what had happened to the Tip Star but added that Muzza’s day job had got far busier in the past couple of weeks.

The Spokesman added that the Tip Star still enjoyed the confidence of the Club but perhaps he need to refocus on the work-life balance. Too much work for the boss and not enough for teh Swans could make the Tip Star a very dull boy indeed, warned the spokesman.

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