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It’s more than a game

Posted by hanoiswans on September 11, 2008

DT and Micky Francis at last year

Being involved in a Club when you’re overseas is a great experience. Often, it’s not until you actually leave that the depth of the experience crystalises.

For those of us left behind to continue flying the flag, it’s always good to hear from those who have left Vietnam to remind us of how good it is here.

The other day, after the Asian Champs, former President Daryl Taber (pictured with Micky Francis at last year’s Vietnam Swans Grand Final Party) wrote to the Blog to say, I’ve been so envious of you blokes this past weekend. Sounds great. Enjoyed all the reports. Keep up the great work, Swannies.

Another ex Prez, Dave “Flyer” Kainey chimed in with, An extraordinary weekend. The Swans have made massive inroads into establishing a fair bit of credibility in the region. It is a great Club to be part of.

After the recent match against the HMAS ANZAC, former player, Growds forwarded the post-match report to wife, Bernie. Bernie wrote to the Blog screaming, As if I’m not home sick enough for Vietnam! She then pummelled Growds with, When is the next good job in HCMC coming up?

Meanwhile, at the Champs, the Vietnam Swans locked in a few more dates:

  • 25 October Saigon - Vietnam Swans Vs Malaysia Warriors
  • 22 November, Phnom Penh - The Indochine Cup: Cambodia, Thailand, Lao and Vietnam
  • 28 December, MCG, Melbourne - 3rd Day of the Boxing Day Test Match
  • 29 December, Melbourne - The 4th Annual Vietnam Swans Golf Classic
  • March, Saigon - Vietnam Swans Vs Bali Geckos
  • 25 April - Anzac Day, Thailand Tigers Vs Vietnam Swans, Kanchanaburi, Thailand 

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