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An interview with Bobby Skilton

Posted by hanoiswans on September 13, 2008

The (then) Hanoi Swans 2005 AFL Grand Final Party and Bobby Skilton

Radio Sport 927 has an audio interview with one of the greatest ever, South Melbourne’s (Sydney Swans) Triple Brownlow Medalist, Bobby Skilton ( on 927’s website).

Bobby speaks about his first match; playing to win Grand Finals rather than individual awards; the particular importance of going into the players’ rooms when they are losing; the South Melbourne - Sydney Swans transition; the Two Cities One Team (Saigon, Hanoi and the Vietnam Swans?) philosophy and a lot more.

Bobby Skilton first found out about the Vietnam Swans when his nephew holidayed in Hanoi and stumbled across the Bobby Skilton Room on Pepperonis’ rooftop. The Bobby Skilton Room was where the Hanoi boys would talk footy and watch Friday night footy.

At the Official (then) Hanoi Swans 2005 AFL Grand Final Party, Wayne “Bubbles” Tinlin, had the footy team photographed underneath the Big Screen when the Premiership Cup was awarded to the Sydney Swans after their stunning victory over West Coast. One of the photographers also snapped a photo of us looking at Bobby Skilton as he strode out onto the MCG (see above).

We decided to have the photo mounted so that we could present it to Bobby. Three months later, current Vietnam Swans National President, Phil Johns, caught up with Bobby in Melbourne - and enjoyed a 3 hour counter lunch with the great man in Richmond.

Bobby beamed when he described how the AFL had given him a miniature replica Premiership Cup. The names of all the Sydney Swans Premiership players - and his own - were engraved on the Cup. The Cup now enjoys pride of place, in his home, up on the bar.

Bobby went on to explain that he receives many things from many people. “If you open any of my cupboards, you’ll be knocked out with the avalanche of things that come tumbling down. If you want to put something under one of the beds, forget it. No space.”

Unexpectedly, he went on to say that the mounted photo we gave him was different. Apparently, it sits on the bar next to one replica Premiership Cup!

Fabbo Phil says that the three hour lunch was amazing. “The bloke’s achievements and modesty go on and on. He has an ability to thread together stories that inspire while leaving you with a belly-ache from laughter. A genuinely great man and amazing to meet him as the Vietnam Swans’ representative.”

Click on the Radio Sport 927 link for .

Click on the Official Vietnam Swans 2008 AFL Grand Final Parties tab for full details of our events in both Hanoi and HCMC / Saigon.

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