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Matthews urges support for international footy

Posted by hanoiswans on September 22, 2008

David Matthews

World Footy News has referred to an article that appeared in yesterday’s Sunday Age newspaper, .

The article was written by the AFL’s General Manager of National and International Development, David Matthews. He refers to the recent, highly successful that was played in Warrnambool and Melbourne (won by Papua New Guinea against New Zealand).

Matthews says that “these visitors (to the International Cup) have adopted the game as their own. It is not a case of it being imposed on them. It is bottom up growth - much of it initiated by expatriate Australians but increasingly carried by forward by locals. 

“People tend not to remember opportunities missed as much as opportunities that failed.

“We can’t be afraid to fail in pursuing any opportunity to expand this great game. To the cynics who might question international development, I say we should share it and support those who do.”

“But is it all a bit late this international development? “As Kevin Sheedy constantly reminds us, ‘it took 2,000 years to put wheels on suitcases.’ “

Meanwhile, in other news from our region, the Beijing Bombers will become an affiliate Club of Essendon. See  for the full story.

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