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Which team?

Posted by hanoiswans on September 26, 2008

The then Hanoi Swans underneath the big screen in 2005

In 2005, the Sydney Swans triumphed over the West Coast Eagles in an absolute “ball-wearer”. Thanks to Bubbles (not his real name according to his birth certificate), he had the (then) Hanoi Swans assemble under the Big Screen when Paul Roos and Bad Barry held the Cup aloft.

And have a look at that Swans signature photo shoot! A classic, never-to-be-forgotten, photo.

In 2008, we know the Vietnam Swans will be in both Hanoi & Saigon. We also know that we will be doing our traditional photo shoot during the presentation ceremony.

But one nagging question: will it be Geelong or Hawthorn holding the Cup in the background?

To see the story that Geelong published on their website during the year about the Vietnam Swans, click on .

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Hanoi hawks Melbourne jumper

Posted by hanoiswans on September 26, 2008

In Hanoi, the Vietnam Swans will auction this Melbourne jumper

The Melbourne Demons have very kindly donated this amazing footy jumper to the Vietnam Swans which has been signed by all the the players.

In addition, Hanoi has a jumper from the Sydney Swans - also autographed by the entire team (and there is a second Sydney Swans jumper in Saigon).
Hanoi will auction both the Sydney and Melbourne jumpers during tomorrow’s Grand Final Party.
The particularly generous support being received this year by the Vietnam Swans is greatly appreciated. 2008 has been a big leap forward for us with Grand Final parties in both cities.
Meanwhile, yesterday’s “Age” Newspaper ran a story with the headline, . The article mentions what an incredibly important cultural event the Grand Final is for Australians living abroad. Grand Final Parties are held everywhere “mainly in Europe and the US but also in Tel Aviv, Hanoi and Samoa”.
Go you Swannies in Hanoi!!
The article also carries a photo of the local team in Prague wearing jumper, maker of the Vietnam Swans jumper. Rooster, always keen for a burst of publicity, contacted the Blog to tell us it was his jumper. He argued, “I really treally deserve my own category on your Blog - (especially) as 4 of the 5 international finalists in the ‘Australia’s favourite footy jumper’ competition were created by the home of the World’s Most Wanted Footy Jumpers… and one with a design inspired by the world’s most wanted man”.
The Vietnam Swans reminded the Rooster that he was a feather duster before we presented him with the design for our new footy jumper.
The Blog suspects that the Rooster will not be hearin’ us… Hearin me?

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The Vietnam Swans 2008 Grand Fire

Posted by hanoiswans on September 26, 2008

The Swans Blog on fire

As we get closer to the Grand Final, the level of traffic on the Swans Blog is picking up.

Yesterday, we recorded 317 hits which was 17 more than our previous all time high of 300 exactly. Two days ago, we had 299 visitors.
Meanwhile, the number of people clicking specifically on the Vietnam Swans Grand Final Party tab is building up to a quiet feeding frenzy. In other words, it’s on fire!
In the last 6 days, the burgeoning number have been: 8, 13, 23, 32, 45 and yesterday, 84. Today? Please have a supercomputer on standby to crunch some numbers if required.

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