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Archive for October 23rd, 2008

The Caulfield Cup in Saigon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on October 23, 2008

Serial Pest, Jeremy King, makes a reappearance – this time at the Sport of Kings

Last Saturday, we all went to the Saigon Races in celebration of the Caulfield Cup.

The National President of the Vietnam Swans, Phil Johns and ruckman, Johnny Gowing both made the Men’s Final for “Best Dressed” (see photo on far left). The President, wearing his Vietnam Swans hat, went on to actually win the event! It didn’t take long before he was surrounded by some mighty fine fillys.

Also in attendance on the day was Jeremy King (circled above). He is a Serial Pest. The Vietnam Swans haven’t seen him since he crashed our glamour shoot with Miss Australia.

It wasn’t long before the Serial Pest was causing trouble again. This time he claimed that the President was an unworthy winner. “One can view the photographic evidence and speculate as to the drunkenness, credibility and corruptibility of the judges! Murkysome!”, he said.

Tell yer story walkin’, Pal!

In other news, Phil Johns lost his hat on the same day. Coincidentally, one of the judges was seen leaving the racetrack at the end of the day proudly wearing a Vietnam Swans hat…

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