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Archive for July 16th, 2009

Gus gets the eye but Willy gets the pen

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 16, 2009

While Miss Australia gave Gus the eye last year, it is Willy (pictured middle and right) who she penned a comment for on the Swans Blog yesterday

You may recall that Willy is arguably the Vietnam Swans most prolific producer of erudite commentary on this website. Last week, in response to the news that Miss Australia had written to the Vietnam Swans, Willy said:

ahhhhhh, laura it has been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long since we mere mortals heard from you.. when i come to think of it, i reckon the blog should have a different article on laura, ala ms vietnam swans of the decade, every day. picture compulsory

now that surely is one of me better ideas..

Yesterday, Miss Australia, Laura Dundovic, was so moved by Willy’s comments that she also posted a comment on our Blog:

Thank you for the comment Willy! Good luck with the season guys! Lovely catching up with you again! xx.

Separately, Miss Australia advised that she wears our footy jumper to the local gym (perhaps a timely reminder to a few flabby Swans players that the way to stay No. 1 is to train like you’re No. 2). Inevitably, the Swans have therefore requested photographic proof – to which Laura replied:

I’ll take a pic when I get the chance and send it through. Love to see it on the site!

She then added:

It’s good to see you guys (at the Vietnam Swans) are promoting our amazing country. If you need any help let me know.

The mighty Miss Laura continues to be an awesome friend for the Swannies. Willy is right to sing her praises.

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