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Fun Australia & Vietnam Swans make the TV

Posted by Vietnam Swans on October 27, 2009

Auskick, Fun Australia and the Swannies on the TV

Last Saturday, 24 October 2009, the Vietnam Swans took an Auskick clinic as part of the Fun Australia 2009 program organised by Australia Education International.

Last night on VCTV’s sports program, they ran a story on the day – just after discussing the latest at Manchester United, if you don’t mind!

Vietnam Swan, Mr Willy, the Auskick coach, says that the segment went for “at least 5 minutes – maybe even 6 or 7 minutes. And the footage of the kids doing the Auskick was amazing. I couldn’t believe it.”

The Vietnam Swans are now trying to track down the video of the segment.

Meanwhile, the online newspaper, Hoa Hoc Tro has run a story on the event. Click to see some photos – some of which are reproduced below. Also, have a look at the for some other photos of the day.

Congratulations to Australia Education International and all the students who participated in the event. Well done to Vietnam Swans, Willy and Crazy Dan.

Photos, courtesy of Hoa Hoc Tro on line newspaper, of last Saturday's Fun Australia 2009

4 Responses to “Fun Australia & Vietnam Swans make the TV”

  1. Lonely planet said

    gosh… unbelievable you guys tagged my website here =.= i should be careful to write the blogs from now on ;) )
    anyway, Swannies did the greaaaaaaaaaaat job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much ^^ this has been my favorite activity since I worked for AEI Vietnam ^^ My boss and the students are all so so excited then ^^ I hope you all will enjoy the 2nd training!! :) See you soon at the 3rd one. I’ll be a great fan for the Aussie football game ^^

    I also have some gals who want to play it but still be shy… i’ll tell them to contact you guys for a gals club :P



  2. Willy said

    well what can i say to that..

    this just keeps getting better by the minute.

    BRING IT ON SWANNIES!! ya hear’n me??


  3. Phuong Ot said

    Well done, Willy!

    I’m sure that Swannies had a lot of fun. Aussie Football is so great! Should I be a fan of it? :-?


  4. Willy said

    be very, very careful phuong cause once you get involved with aussie rules you are hooked for life!!!!

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