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Big Joe wears his Swannies hat in Middle East

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 11, 2010

Big Joe wears his Swannies hat near the Kuwaiti border

Big Joe has just sent the photos above into the Swannies Blog where he is proudly wearing his Vietnam Swans hat.

Joe reports that his hat was:

Spotted on the High Island II, off the coast of Dammam.  Just a stone’s throw from Kuwait.

I asked the soldiers that were hanging around a tank, outside the airport in Dammam, if they would let me pose with them.  However, it seems the Yemenese have been acting up again and the Saudi soldiers gave me a firm ‘NO!’

Can’t hurt to ask . . . Then again, I wonder if I would feel the sting of several AK rounds hitting me simultaneously?

Big Joe’s an impressive unit – does anything for a good photo of a Swannies hat!

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