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Photos of Swannies 5th Golf Day 2009

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 4, 2010

Left to Right: Phil "Fabbo" Johns, Michael "Growds" Growder, Clint "Muzza" Murrell, Greg "Gregson" Armstrong, Brock Fennell, Will Martin, Ryan Jeffery, Dave "Flyer" Kainey, Stu, Footy Trav Fennell (Appearing afterwards: Micky J Johnston, Scotty Stacey, Danny Armstrong and the Juke Box)

The Swannies Blog has secured exclusive photos of last week’s 5th Vietnam Swans Annual Golf Day 2009 in Melbourne.

Congratulations to Ryan Jeffery for winning the Ryan Jeffery Jacket for the best score.

The jacket was officially named the “Ryan Jeffery Jacket” the day before at the MCG by Swans Presidents Kainey, Taber and Johns.

Ryan Jeffery wins the "Ryan Jeffery Jacket" again.

It was a great day and it was great to see the numbers increasing.

We had 12 on the actual golf course and another 4 Swannies turned up afterwards.

Great to see so many guys from different eras – some of whom date back as far as sepia. In a few years time we may well have to book out the Ballroom at Crown.

Beginning, middle and end of the day, people are honking their horns for a reason.

For the full results, see the preceding story on the Swans Blog.

To see more photos of the 5th Vietnam Swans Annual Golf Day, check out the .

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