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Archive for January 12th, 2010

Angry Dave on HTV7 television

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 12, 2010

Just before Christmas, the Swannies’ “Angry” Dave Hadley was invited to appear on Saigon’s HTV7, the local television station, to join in a session of freestyle football (soccer) with Vietnam’s best player, Dao Nguyen Duc. Below is Angry’s story.

I was approached by HTV television, one of the premier television stations to do a piece for a program they have on HTV7 called Smiling Vietnam.

The last two months, I have been saying pretty well much ‘yes’ to anything anyone wants, so I agreed enthusiastically.  In typical Vietnamese style they told me little about what to expect, just what time they would pick me up and they were excited that I was athletic.

I got into the TV van and the interview began.  They were taking me to play soccer.  Whilst I am no good at soccer, I can pass and run fast, so I thought we could be on a winner.  As we get closer, the host informs me that it is in fact freestyle football and I was going to meet the best player in Vietnam, Dao Nguyen Duc.

Freestyle football is basically trick football and it is the art of expressing yourself with a football, while performing various tricks with any part of the body (except hands).  This sounded difficult for someone who is used to strength and power and not agility and flexibility.

I met with Duc and he showed me a “basic” trick, around the world.  It was quickly obvious to them that I could not do such a basic trick and we quickly changed to an informal game of soccer.

Had a great time filming it. It was enjoyable to see Duc doing some very fancy tricks.

Smiling Vietnam are excited to do another piece with the Vietnam Swans.  Stay tuned Swannies, you are all about to be local television stars!

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