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Post ANZAC Weekend Match, Hanoi

Posted by Vietnam Swans on May 30, 2010

Australian Embassy, Hanoi. L to R, Joe, Dan, Willy (Hanoi Prez), Phil M. and Stanno (Coach)

This afternoon in Hanoi, a very, very successful afternoon was held at the Australian Embassy, says the Hanoi Prez, Willy.

“Well over 40 people gathered to relive the memories, excitement and profound impact the Vung Tau weekend (23-25 April 2010) had on us all who were so fortunate to be there that ANZAC weekend.

“It was brilliant that so many people from different parts of the Australian and Vietnamese community were able to come together and join as one to recognise the weekend and the huge efforts of Anne Marie editing the special DVD footage of the Vung Tau occasion, and also recognise the huge efforts of Dan Kindness by having Phil Murphy present a framed Hanoi Hawks jumper to Dan.

“Very special indeed and one of the great moments of this Club.”

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