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A message from the Saigon Prez

Posted by Vietnam Swans on May 28, 2010

The Swannies farewell Monkey, JD and Jerry Jerry Jerry after last weekend's match against the Hong Kong Dragons in Hong Kong

Saigon Prez, Derrin Limbrick provides us all with an update:

Gents, Wow! What a cracker of a trip to Hong Kong.  For those of you not in the know, we didn’t end up on the right side of the score board but all the boys played their guts out in what was probably the longest match we have played in a long time ( I think it was around 90 minutes in total in the end).

It is hard to match a team that has a squad of 30 on the day, especially over such a long match and, needless to say, the Dragons were a very useful outfit.   But we all gave it our best and I know that everyone was determined to try and see Monkey, JD and Jerry Jerry Jerry off as best as we can.  I know that they were all pretty stoked.

Well done to Mark Greenshields (aka Mark Goal) who was voted best on ground by the Hong Kong Dragons, and also JD and Monkey and Jerry Jerry Jerry (JJJ) who all had mighty games.  JJJ  nearly slotted through what would have been a cracker, after first showing a balk which fooled everyone on the field apart from the Dragons player who new better and ended up nailing him just before he could get the kick away.   Better luck next time mate.

As for off the pitch, well everyone stood up (right Forrest??) and the Dragons were some of the best hosts we have seen on a tour in a long time.  By the end of our trip they were already looking at a date that they can come over to Vietnam.  It all bodes well for our relationship with other clubs in Asia and also, the Swannies reputation in the region continues to grow.

There are lots of guys to thank who helped and stood up on the tour, however, I believe that Fabbo has already done this and the rest of you know who you are so, thanks again, and keep up the good work.


Down to business.

No training this weekend (in Saigon. Training is on in Hanoi starting at 4pm).  Sorry guys, however we have a number of injured players plus guys away, so we have decided to give everyone the week off.  However this should mean that you are all champing at the bit to get a run in next week, so numbers should be HUGE!

Instead, I think it is well over due that the Swannies get on board and support our sister club the Saigon Shooters, who are hosting a Tri Nations Tournament against Thailand and Laos tomorrow.

The Shooters have volunteered to help the Swannies so many times that it is too hard to list. So, it would be great if we could get some guys to turn up and support their event.  Plus, there is a free BBQ (to be cooked by Monkey and Heath, topless no less…), and beer, plus for those of you who just cannot do without the footy, I am sure that the Ever Generous Kevin and Visa would be happy to open up their lounge rooms and kiddy pools. Right guys??

There’s also a pub across the road.  So get off your behind and get to the AIS Sport Center, next to the An Phu Supermarket on Thao Dien Road, at Saturday at 2 pm.

More news to come……..Swannies tour to Cambodia

See you all on Saturday for a snag, a beer and some kick (ho)arse netball.

Ya hearin’ me!


  • Photos of the Swannies match against Hong Kong can be found on the
  • Saigon Shooters Tri Nations Netball Tournament, AIS Sport Center, next to the An Phu Supermarket on Thao Dien Road, Saturday, 29 May @2pm
  • Post ANZAC Match Family BBQ, Australian Embassy, Sunday 30 May @11am

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