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Archive for September 7th, 2010

Victory, glamour, armbands and remissions

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 7, 2010

The match started in idyllic conditions when Mai Phuong Thuy, Miss Vietnam 2006, tossed the coin!

National Prez, Phil Johns, provides an update.

Dear Swannies, Sponsors and Supporters

  • Victory against Cambodia
  • Black Armbands for Matt Natalooto’s mother
  • Rick Trewavas in “quality remission”
  • Coming Up
  • Swannies and Footy in Asia

Victory against Cambodia

Match conditions, however, weren't completely idyllic after some torrential rain. Photo: Asian Images.

On Saturday, the Vietnam Swans in Saigon played the Cambodian Cobras. Conditions were idyllic when Ms Mai Phuong Thuy – also known as Miss Vietnam 2006 – came out to the ground to toss the coin! After that, it was a tough, tight and bruising contest played in very wet conditions that the Swans eventually won, 7.9. 51 to 4.9. 33.

Matt Townsend was voted by the Swannies as our best player and accordingly, picked up the Rick Trewavas Medal.

The Cambodian Cobras are a resurrected footy team that debuted just five weeks ago when the Swannies travelled to Phnom Penh. This is an exciting development for Asian Footy and the Swannies more specifically. Having another country playing footy on our doorstep means one thing: more footy.

A couple of days prior to Saturday’s match, Rick Trewavas wrote to the Swannies:

My son has requested that my grandchild presents the Rick Trewavas Medal at the Swans-Cobras Derby in 2032.

In the year 2032, Rick’s grandchild will have just turned 21 (the grandchild is due in February 2011). That’s a long way, away. So will the Swans-Cobras Derby still be happening in 21 years time? Why wouldn’t it? This year the Asian Champs will be 11 years old. Footy in Asia is on the march.

Today, photos of Saturday’s match taken by Adam Martin from will be put on the .

Black Armbands for Matt Natalotto’s mother

The Vietnam Swans wear black armbands for Matt Natalotto's mother

At Saturday’s match, the Vietnam Swans wore black armbands as a tribute to Matt Natalotto’s mother. Matt is a Swans player who has also been one of the driving forces behind Auskick in Saigon. On Sunday, Matt wrote the following note to the Swannies’ community.

Thanks very much for the fantastic mark of respect for my mum yesterday… Mum died, aged 60, on Friday evening from mesotheloioma. It’s a lung disease caused by asbestos fibres which she probably inhaled doing home renovations in the 80′s.

She was a footy fan and would have been very pleased with the gesture of the arm bands… I was very happy when I read the Swannies email this morning (regarding the armbands). I felt proud to be part of the Club… The rest of my family, gathered here in Perth, all thought it was great too.

I’m also glad to hear you had a win yesterday (against Cambodia). Well done. Almost as happy as I am that the Dockers beat the Hawks!

Thanks guys…

Kind regards – Matt, Ros and family…

The Swannies continue to think of Matt, Ros and their family. And Go the Dockers in this year’s finals!

Rick Trewavas in “quality remission”

As you are aware, Rick Trewavas played a key role in helping to establish the then Hanoi Swans (now Vietnam Swans). Rick’s contribution is recognised by the Swannies with the Rick Trewavas Medal which is presented to the best Swannie in the Vietnam-Cambodian match. Rick, who was diagnosed with an “aggressive lung cancer” wrote to the Swannies yesterday with some fantastic news.

The double (of Swannies’ MC, Matt Towwnsend also winning the Rick Trewavas Medal) has me in raptures. And ‘Good’, is what it is about.

I have news.

The Medical Oncologist has declared me to be in quality remission. We have beaten all the stats for the moment. He reckons we have been very lucky. I know better.

I will continue to have the breathing difficulties, pain and limited physical capacity (as reminders of the journey) but next appointment is in December for bloods, CT and PET scan. That’s much better than every 6 – 8 weeks. Here’s hoping this is for a good while. The port will remain (it has a 10 year life) and will be flushed every 8 weeks.

I wouldn’t have made it but for family and friend support, and the Swannies’ gracious gesture is a precious contribution to my life.

Thank you all.

In the words of Jeff Fenech, “I love youse all, and Miss Vietnam 2006″.

Now, the Bloods for the (2010 AFL) Flag.

Rick, that is absolutely magnificent news! And (also…) Go the Bloods in this year’s finals!

Coming Up

The next 6 weeks will be mega.

  • Sunday 19 September, Saigon – Vietnam Swans Vs Tarrawingee. Former Hanoi Swan, Daniel Hogarth who made our first overseas tour (Malaysia) back in 2004 returns to Vietnam with his Tarrawingee footy club for their end of season trip. Glenn Nolan from Tommy’s Bar in Vung Tau and key organiser for the ANZAC Friendship Match also comes from Tarra. b-i-g.
  • Saturday 25 September, Hanoi & Saigon – The 2010 AFL Grand Final Parties. Tickets now on sale.
  • Saturday 16 October, Shanghai, China – The 11th Annual Asian Championships.

Swannies and footy in Asia

It’s much more than a game.

Honk, honk!

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