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2011 Saigon Committee Elections

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 22, 2011

Swannie's banner for today's Australia Day Celebration forms the backdrop to Thursday's Committee elections

Last Thursday, Saigon’s 2011 Committee Elections were held at the Spotted Cow. National President shares the results.

It is my great pleasure to announce the results of the 2011 Saigon Committee elections which were held on Thursday evening at the Swannies’ Spotted Cow.

Firstly, congratulations to Derrin for being unanimously re-elected for the third year in a row.

I’m also very pleased to advise that as Danny transitions out of the Treasurer’s position (yes, he was re elected even tho’ he’s leaving), Luke Rowan, also from the Commonwealth Bank, will take over. For those of you who have been close enough to the action to see Danny juggling VND, USD and AUD in Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Australia etc, you will be very pleased that Rowan, with his skill set and banking credentials, will take over. Many thanks Rowan – and welcome to the Swannies!!

Sam, the Glove, Ross and Matt Nat will continue their sensational work in the same roles as last year of Secretary, Planning, IT/Design and Auskick. The work of each has really elevated the professionalism and status of the Swannies.

Nick, Josh, Timmay and Scott also join the Committee. Nick, our No. 1 Marketer in Australia makes a very welcome return after a 12 month sabbatical. During his sabbatical, he was continually chewing off my ear with insightful and well though out perspectives about the Club so it is great to see him back.  Last year, Josh didn’t have a formal position on the committee but is now officially recognised for his mega efforts. Timmay is on board because of his energy, passion and enthusiasm. His appointment also recognises the growing importance of Vung Tau in the growth of the Vietnam Swans. Scott Levin is younger than the combined age of Danny n Dez and therefore brings some much needed youth to the committee… Not only is he smart, as an American he brings a non Aussie Rules perspective to the Committee which is really important for us given we live in a non Aussie Rules environment.

Coaching Committee sees the return of Dukes, Dez, Josh and new recruit, Nick. Each year, the quality of our coaching improves. As a footy club, the footy needs to be the core of our being. Well thought out training drills, game plans etc are critical to building our numbers, skills, results and levels of satisfaction and fun.

Recognising that the Swannies have many people who want to contribute, but can’t do it 24/7, we have introduced the idea of “Special Projects/Assignments”. Nat Payne, Kev Hornblower, Mark Long, Steph Boag (media) and Stewart Davies all fit into that category.

For the National Committee, it was also proposed that positions for Michael Johnston (Hoi An and Tri Bob Swimming Program)) and Glenn Nolan (Vung Tau and ANZAC Friendship Match) be created to reflect the significance of our charity program and ANZAC match as well as the geographical locations of Hoi An and Vung Tau. Hanoi’s ratification of this proposal will be required.

The Swannies have an enormously exciting 2011 coming up. However, stalwarts Danny Armstrong, Matt Townsend and Mat Natalotto are all moving on. Others, including our Saigon President have increasing demands on their time and therefore can’t be expected to do as much as they have done previously. We need more people to chip in at different times. Sharing the load will also hopefully lead to a sense of greater responsibility and ownership – without burning out individuals.

Thank you to each of you for accepting these positions (detailed below). 2011 has the potential to dwarf our previous years.

The Results:

  • Saigon President : Derrin Limbrick
  • Saigon Treasurer : Danny Armstrong transitioning to Rowan Luke
  • Secretary : Sam Conroy
  • Planning  : Matt Townsend ( to include Tour Planning, Tour Brief, Swans Census, Sponsor and player contact file)
  • IT/Design : Ross McRae ( non full time committee requirement)
  • AusKick : Matt Natalotto ( not required to attend committee meetings)

General Committee Members

  • Nick Shiells
  • Josh Little
  • Tim Clements
  • Scott Levin

Coaching Committee

  • Josh Little
  • Luke Creamer
  • Derrin Limbrick
  • Nick Shiells

Special Projects/Assignments

  • Nat Payne
  • Stewart Davies
  • Kevin Hornblower
  • Mark Long
  • Stephanie Boag

Proposed new positions for National Committee (to be ratified)

  • Glenn Nolan (Vung Tau and ANZAC Friendship Match)
  • Michael Johnston (Hoi An and TriBob Swimming Program)
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