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Tokyo Goannas: Details for Japan Earthquake Appeal

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 14, 2011

Fire trucks in Japan look for something to rescue after Friday's tsunami.

The Tokyo Goannas have written to all Asian Footy Club Presidents requesting support for the following last Friday’s catastrophic tsunami. Below is the email from Goannas’ President, Andrew Peyton.

Dear all,

We have established an easy way to donate to the . Please follow this link and The Goannas thank you in advance: element_id=0

Goannas Faithful!

It is at this sad time that I write to you. As you will almost certainly know by now, Japan has been dealt a savage blow with the 9.0 earthquake that hit last Friday afternoon. The devastation and heartache to come from this will continue in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. The rebuilding will be of monumental proportions and only with the help and understanding of the worldwide community will things slowly return to normal.

Australians in general want to help others less fortunate and none more so than when a major catastrophe happens. Through your understanding and with the close-knit help of the TOKYO GOANNAS AFL Club, we have established an appeal to help with the rebuilding. As Australians living and working in Japan, we feel it’s a privilege to partake in the Great Game! Now we have an opportunity to give something back to our hosts and neighbours.

The Tokyo Goannas have set up an easy way for you to help. Please donate below.  We will also accept “Email pledges” for those without a Paypal account, and provide TT information. All donations will be disbursed to official charities on an as needs discretionary basis and with consultation with the Australian Embassy, Tokyo. Any questions, please contact me direct: [email protected]

Thank you so much in advance for your understanding and generosity.

Andrew Peyton
President- Tokyo Goannas

***** Please click on the ‘drop down’ next to the Yen amount in the ‘Shopping Cart’ section for different amounts and click on “DONATE”. You will then be directed to another page most likely in Japanese. To change the language section click on the arrow in the top right of screen and select English. Additionally, you can make multiples of the donation amount selected in the “Quantity” window. Thank you so much for your generous contribution.*****

for further details.

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