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Love your Swannies in 2011

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 8, 2010

Like the man says, Love your Swannies in 2011. Hearin' ya.

The Sydney Swans have come out and said it: Love your Swannies in 2011!

We at the Vietnam Swans are hearin’ em loud and clear. That’s what we should already be doing. Of every hour, of every day, of every month of every year. But especially next year…

The Sydney Swans website has run the same story that appeared on the AFL’s website earlier in the week, . Not only does that story review the Indochina Cup, it also previews next year’s ANZAC Friendship Match against the Hong Kong Dragons in Vung Tau.

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One Response to “Love your Swannies in 2011”

  1. said

    Go go go swans !

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