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Hanoi’s Best Club Man and Saigon photo expo

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 10, 2010

Just some of the glamours not expected at our B&F in Hanoi tonight.

Tonight, the glitz and glamour returns to the Swannies. In Hanoi, we will award:

  • Hanoi’s B&F
  • the Vietnam Swans Rising Star award
  • Hanoi’s Best Club Man

In addition, the club jumpers will be handed out to those who haven’t received them as yet.

The night starts at 6.30pm at JASPAS (Level 4, Hanoi Towers, 49 Hai Ba Trung St). Jim Beam will be in attendance and the Club will put on some drinks and finger food. It will be a great wrap up in the north of the 2010 season. All are welcome and we would love to see you all there. So be there!

Photo by Mic Smith

Saigon tonight – Private viewing of photos: Vulnerable 2010

Tonight at No. 121 Bui Vien St, D1 Saigon, club player and journalist Mic Smith will be having a private viewing of some photos he has taken on the road. Mic says:

Poverty leads to lack of control and uncertainty. It also makes lives monotonous with little variation over years or generations. Despite lives being tediously predictable the poor are uneasily uncertain about the future.

Vulnerability is noticed by those who study poverty – who recognize it in the form of increased proneness to many negative health and social outcomes. An expression of vulnerability is in the difficulty to cope with external events or stresses – that people with adequate resources can overcome easily.

Among the economically deprived there is a great deal of intra-group difference. The poor are of many levels and very different from one another, just as are the rich. But being classed together, and indeed crowded together, makes poorer people to be seen and dealt with less as individuals and more as a mass.

The viewing is open to friends and members of the Swannies from 8.30 – 9.30pm tonight.

Also tonight, Swannie Lee Taylor will be having a birthday party at the Spotted Cow (111 Bui Vien St, D1) from 7pm.

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