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New sample designs for Swans jumpers

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 16, 2008

Leaving no stone unturned, the Vietnam Swans have enlisted the support of to design a new footy jumper (see below or attached for greater resolution). 

The brief was to build upon what others before had suggested and to: 

  • Steer clear of obvious red & white colouring (clashes with Japan’s and Singapore’s colours)
  • Give it a “Vietnam” feel so that it is recognized as such in Australia
  • Give it an Australian feel so that it is recognized as such in Vietnam
  • Recognise the Vietnam Swans past (the Saigon Saints had red white and black; the Hanoi Swans red & white and the Hanoi Hawks brown and gold) 

The Swans Blog thinks has come up with some really interesting designs to challenge us with (although we’re with Chopper Reid re the Swan on the front; we need to “harden the duck up”). 

Start talking quickly about our perfect jumper. Post a comment below so everyone can see it. We need new jumpers before the 31 May against the Singapore Wombats so time is of the essence.

To see the sample designs in greater resolution, click on  

6 Responses to “New sample designs for Swans jumpers”

  1. Stray said

    No.5 gets my vote! The colours are perfect, even the number is right. OK, the votes are in. No need to count any more. Lets move on it.

    Only one question . . . what happened to the cammo?

  2. Rory said

    I reckon you fellas would be mad not to go with number 1, it stands out really well and captures a bit of the heritage. Not to mention intimidating.

  3. Charlie said

    Number 6 stands out for me the most. It’s bold and simple, just the way I like it!

    The only problem for me is perhaps the swan design, it’s a bit bland.. what does everyone else think?

  4. Barfly said

    No. 4 or 5 look the best i reckon.

    Not sure about the swan in the middle though. Looks more like Duck.

    Vietnam Ducks doesn’t quite have that ring to it, does it?

  5. Troggs said

    6 looks great, maybe too many stars for a footy jumper tho.
    Any reason why the old Swan logo (swan and yellow star) can’t be used instead of the new duck?

  6. Daniel said

    I’m with no 1, it is a contrast to all the other sides we play and would stand out in a match. It is also very unique, go the swans…

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