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Saigon triumphs over north

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 20, 2008

Last Saturday, the Saigon Saints took on the Hanoi Swans in Nha Trang. This was the first time these two teams have met outside Saigon and it is hoped that the Nha Trang fixture will become a regular on the Vietnam AFL calendar.

The match was played on a soccer pitch and therefore, given the size constraints of the ground, the rules were modified so that goals could only be scored from within the 30m line (to stop players bombing goals from the centre) and there were no points.

The teams ran onto the ground with 9 players each. By 3 Quarter time, the scores were 6 goals to Hanoi  and 8 goals to Saigon. The stage was set for a big last quarter.

Alas, with three of the Swans stars effectively out of action (Potsy with a back, Willy with a hamstring and Pat suffering from heat exhaustion) and the return of Drew (after suffering a cut to the lip in the 2nd Quarter which required 5 stitches), the Saints kicked away adding another 7 unanswered goals. So the final score was Hanoi 6 goals and 15 goals to the Sainters.

In the rugby match that followed, the Saigon Geckoes easily accounted for the Nha Trang Sharks.

Absolutely top weekend and a special thanks to Symmo who shouldered most of the organisational responsibility, Jess for the Louisianne and Pago and the rugby clubs for allowing us to combine codes on the day. 

More photos to follow.

2 Responses to “Saigon triumphs over north”

  1. Stray said

    Some great photos will be coming shortly for both the footy and the other (unmentionable) sport that was played on the day.

    After lying around the stands with an ice-pack firmly attached to his back, Pottsy announced that he wouldn’t be retiring, afterall, and will be a potential contender for the Asian Champs. Let’s see how his back holds out.

    Drewsome’s physician has demanded that he keep off his lip for several weeks. Not sure if that is possible.

    Thanks to everyone for a fantastic weekend. Looking forward to the next one.

    Thanks to all for a fantastic weekend.

  2. Charlie said

    Thanks for a great weekend boys. Turns out I’ve got pleurisy, which is an infection in the coating of my lung, go figure.

    Special mention must go to Willo’s four goal haul before going off hurt, a marvelous effort.

    Did anyone get a photo of the screamer Pottsy took when he hurt his back?

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