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New Swans jumpers – the latest!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 28, 2008

have listened to the feedback from the crowd in the outer. We told them to harden the duck up – and they did. The Swan is graceful but evil; dignified but daring. And, if you look closely, the shape of the neck resembles the shape of Vietnam.

She’s a bewdy, mate.

Have a look at versions 6 a, b and c – and then post a comment voting for your personal favourite. Any last minute suggestions? We need to write “Viet Nam” on the back and we need a space on the front for a sponsor.

For a closer look, have a look at the  in pdf detail.

5 Responses to “New Swans jumpers – the latest!”

  1. Stray said

    Out of the latest offerings, 6a gets my vote.

    The 6b Swan sure has a mean head. A serious job at ‘hardening the duck up’ but I think it may be a bit much with the black and white Swan.

    6c is a soft touch ‘duck’. Chopper would not be proud.

    When the time comes, would like to purchase No.12.

    Blue Ink Asia have done a superb job. Thanks guys.

  2. Sam Quang Ngai said

    Blue Ink Asia has done a sterling job under the able guidance of Mr. Phil, well done!

    I think jumper 6a.

    So, Viet Nam will be written across the back instead of SSHSHHFC? If yes, I think this is better. We’re the Vietnam Swans – it’s a new era, we’re moving forward…

    As for the Swan on the front, are we absolutely certain it will turn-out that way? I had basketball singlets made in Australia a few years back – the pitbull on the design looked like he had balls of steel, on the physical singlet itself, he looked like he’d coughed up a fur ball. The last thing we want is 30 paid for jumpers with a Swan that looks like a lame duck – ya hearin’ me?

  3. said

    Hi boys, I know its a boys site…but just wanted to point out that you need to imagine how “tough” the swan look from far away. 6a will not look as tough as 6b from a distance. Whichever way, your comments will be great to define the final design. Cheers.

  4. said

    To apply a bit of footy jumper tradition to the back… you really should have VIETNAM in big lettering across the top of the shoulders & above that in small lettering you remember where you came from SSHSHHFC (same as BBFFC for the Lions and SMFC for the Swans).

    Also – you want the number up in between the armholes… at least 50% of it to be up there… nothing looks worse than a number halfway down the back, particularly when draped on the physique of your average asian footballer

  5. Stray said

    Big Rooster, more concerned about the ‘physique’ hanging halfway down the front of your average Vietnamese ex-pat footballer . . .

    On a serious note, good point concerning the number.

    Christina, not just a boys site. Everyone can have a say. Love the input from the other side of the gender fence. If it wasn’t for that we would never have had the ‘paint on’ footy shorts in the ’80′s. That decision won over a huge number of female footy fans.

    Fabbo, what’s the word with the design in the e-mails? May 10 is rapidly approaching . . .

    At the beginning, end, middle of the day and tomorrow, it’s all about footy!!!

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