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More jumper designs

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 30, 2008

6 Responses to “More jumper designs”

  1. Scott said

    “C” i think its time to lock it in and order

  2. Griz said

    “C” it is. Looks awesome!

    “B” isn’t too bad either but I think “C” is a little to white and fluffy for me.

    Can’t wait to don one (and put me down to buy mine)


  3. Griz said

    Sorry “a” is too white and fluffy.

    “C” is just hard nosed swans all the way

  4. Drew said

    Southern Cross stars should be white and Vietnam star should be yellow.

  5. Stray said

    ‘C’ for me (and Little Lek). Lock it in.

    Put me down for a purchase of No.12.

    Put in the order, put on the jersey, put down the Bali Geckos.

    Ya hearin’ me?

  6. Willy said

    c is a beauty!!

    it definately will improve my game 25%.

    can we get a medium for simmo? he is going to look awesome in it.

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