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Swannies (Vietnam & Sydney), Veterans, Southern Dragons reunion, MCG 25 July

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 21, 2010

Triple Brownlow Medalist, Bobby Skilton walks onto the MCG after Sydney win the 2005 AFL Grand Final - watched on by the Hanoi Swans in Jaspas, Hanoi. Bobby expects to be back at the MCG on Sunday for the reunion.

National President, Phil Johns, emails the attendees who will attend the Sydney Swans pre match function at the MCG on Sunday 25 July 2010.

Hi Attendees to Sunday’s Blockbuster at the ‘G

Regarding arrangements for the MCG, we will all receive wristbands and reserve seat tickets at the Harrison Room, Level 2, Ponsford Stand (entry via Gate 1) subject to you having:

  • completed your own booking form (see attached) and faxing it through to the Sydney Swans’ Melbourne office in advance; and
  • gained your own entry into the MCG via MCC/AFL membership or purchasing a ticket at the gate.

The pre match function that we shall attend for the Sydney Swans past players and officials commences at 12.30pm.

Dress code is neat casual with a collared shirt.

We have a great list of people coming along – including triple Brownlow Medalist Bobby Skilton who “will almost certainly” be there, I have just been told (see attached photo of Bobby on the MCG after the 2005 Grand Final as the Hanoi Swans in Jaspas, Hanoi look on).

From the Vietnam Swans / Hanoi Hawks / Saigon Saints, we have:

  • Mark Williams – Current Hanoi President and player. Played in the Hanoi Swans first ever tournament back in 2003
  • Will Martin – Former Hanoi Swans player who returned for the Vietnam Swans inaugural match and appearance at the 2007 Asian Champs in Bangkok
  • Drew Franklin – Former Vietnam Swans Coach, Committee Member and player who has played in each of the Swannies three Asian Champs
  • Peter Grave – Former Vietnam Swans Player at 2007 Asian Champs
  • Scott Beasley – Former Vietnam Swans player at 2007 Asian Champs who also returned for last year’s Indochina Cup in Bangkok
  • Trish Franklin – Loreto Foundation Director and footy nut. Loreto does amazing work with disadvantaged children in Vietnam. Loreto is the beneficiary of the Saigon Saints AFL Grand Final Party
  • Damien Judd – Vietnam Swans player since the Club went National and current Committee man
  • Ross Mc Rae -  Current Vietnam Swans player and graphic designer for the Club
  • Paul Jones – Founder of the Hanoi Hawks in 1991 who then moved to Saigon where he played with the Saigon Saints
  • John Gourlay – First Vice President of the Saigon Saints when founded in 1998 and, by all reports, extraordinary goal umpire
  • Garry Shiells – Father of current “rock star” Vietnam Swans’ player, Nick. Garry has also trained with the Swannies.
  • Phil Johns – Former President of the Hanoi Swans and current National President of the Vietnam Swans
  • Andrew Johns – Brother of Phil and has also trained with the Vietnam Swans
  • Ryan Jeffery – Played in the Hanoi Swans first ever match in 2003. Host and Organiser of the Hanoi/Vietnam Swans annual golf classic held each December in Melbourne – now in its 6th year
  • Danny Monk – Former Vietnam Swans Captain who returned to Australia just a month ago.

From the Vietnam Veterans who played footy during the Vietnam War, we have:

  • Neil Roberts – 1958 Brownlow Medalist with St Kilda, Vietnam Swimsafe
  • John Kilpatrick – Former St Kilda Player, long time Hawthorn trainer, Vietnam Swimsafe
  • Glenn James – Former VFL Umpire, 17 Construction Sqn Player Vietnam 1969-70
  • John Bell – AFL Timekeeper, 2AOD Player Vietnam 1968
  • George Soumilas – 2AOD Player Vietnam 1968-69
  • Peter Cotchett – 2AOD Player Vietnam 1968-69 also father of Port Melbourne VFL Captain 2007 & 2008
  • Ken Mountford – 2AOD Player Vietnam 1968
  • Charles Skillen – 2AOD Player Vietnam 1967-68
  • Stan Middleton – 2AOD Player Vietnam 1967-68. Also has put together an amazing website with photos of actual footy matches played during the War. Click .
  • Sinh Middleton – Vietnames wife of Stan
  • John Haward – Viet Vet and former Hawthorn Trainer, Vice President Box Hill RSL & President of Box Hill Vietnam Veterans

From the Vietnamese Australians playing with Southern Dragons Football Club, Clayton, we have:

  • Tri – Coach and Gun Player of the Dragons
  • Martin Nguyen -  marketing
  • JP – Player who has also trained with the Vietnam Swans

After the match, former Hanoi/Vietnam Swans players Muzza, Barfly and Rhys are keen to catch up for a drink somewhere.

Sunday shall be a cracking day. And having just played our inaugural ANZAC Friendship Match in Vung Tau – where the Veterans played during the War, the sense of occasion at the G on Sunday should be even more poignant.

I look forward very much to seeing you all there.

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