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Swannies meet Tigers at Swannies’ 4th Annual Cricket Day

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 30, 2010

The 4th Swannies Cricket Day - at the London. Flyer, Fabbo, Batchelor, Monkey and Payne

Things were looking grim for the Vietnam Swans’ 4th Annual Cricket Day at the Boxing Day Test Match. Even though the Poms only required 3 wickets, the MCG was still requiring punters to pay full price to gain entry to the ‘G. Hardly a nguyen-nguyen situation. So, the call was made to watch the last of the wickets fall at a pub in Richmond.

10.30am, Fabbo arrives at the pre arranged London Tavern. Shut. Walks around the corner to the Mount View in Bridge Rd. Shut. What is going on in this country?? Down Punt Rd to the trusty ol’ Cricketer’s Arms. Open. Dave Kainey turns up. All good for about an hour before the last of the Aussies are bowled out.

The call comes from Nat Payne saying that the London has finally opened and he and Monkey are there with a few mates. So Fabbo and Kainey leave the Cricketer’s for the London. Chris Batchelor and his mate then arrive. Half a dozen mates of Fabbo arrive. And then, more than a dozen Thailand Tigers arrive!! Bleeding Tigers everywhere!

The Thailand Tigers at the London Tavern

Tiger Trent Smith had threatened to come along to the Swannies Cricket Day and had warned us that Tigers were assembling in Melbourne for a wedding. He posted news on Facebook about the Swannies heading to the London and then the Thailand Tigers appeared (you see, Facebook can be a force of good!).

What a top afternoon it was with the Swannies and Tigers taking over the London. Inevitably, there were a number of comments from other tables who had some connection with Asian Footy.

Fabbo and Patto (Thailand Tigers) spoke of the two clubs joining forces at next year’s Boxing Day Test Match in the MCC Members. Asian footy wouldn’t need much coordination to make a big impact at the MCG if we all turned up in our respective team’s colours.

Asian Footy, bigger than you think! (Wasn’t the Swannies 4th Annual Cricket Day supposed to be about the cricket?)


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2 Responses to “Swannies meet Tigers at Swannies’ 4th Annual Cricket Day”

  1. Willy said

    Thailand Tigers & the Vietnam Swans, MCG, bia, occasional glance at the cricket, lots more bia, respective teams polos, lots,lots more bia, bars, girls, more bias, Jim Beam the national sponsor steps in, bia, less girls, lots more bia, cops arrive..

    reckon leave the team polos home boys. You hear’n me!!


  2. Fev said

    g’day boyz,

    i woz think’n of bein ya newie tones locketts afta hear’n Dans the Com’n wealthy Mans has hungs hiz booootz..

    can ya give uz a buzz boyz. i promiz to behavz jutz the wayz Crazy Danz doez heys..

    Oinkz oinkz.


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