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While Aussies fizzle, Swannies sizzle at 6th Golf Classic.

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 29, 2010

Back row: Phil Johns, David Little, John Cranfield, Clint "Barfly" Bryant, Doug, Daisy, Shaun & Mark Greenshields, Ryan Jeffrey, Gus McEwin. Front Row: Peter & Dave Kainey, Chris Canty, Daniel Hogarth

Yesterday, while the Aussies were collapsing in a heap at the MCG, the Swannies were tearing up Royal Ivanhoe Golf Links in the prestigious Vietnam Swans 6th Annual Golf Classic.

This year, recognising the different skill levels and the social nature of the day, we played under . In the ambrose format, each group of players is a team. The next hit is always played by the team from the location of the previous best ball. So, if you shanked your ball into the woods while your team mate landed on the edge of the green, no problem. You also play your next shot from the edge of the green.

Team 1 – Winners! (Score: 5 Under)

  • Ryan Jeffrey (Hanoi Swan – and yesterday wore the souvenir t shirt from Hanoi Swans’ first ever match back in 2003)
  • Dave Kainey (former President, Hanoi and current player who is based in Singapore)
  • Paeter Kainey (Dave’s brother)

Team 2 – 2nd Place (5 Under; but one extra player than Team 1)

  • Gus McEwin (former Hanoi/Vietnam Swan and Captain. Now lives in Indonesia)
  • John Cranfield (former Vietnam Swan, Saigon)
  • Chris Canty (Hanoi Swan)
  • Daniel Hogarth (Hanoi Swan)

Team 3 (Score: 4 Under)

  • David Little (trained with Swannies in Saigon and is father of current coach/player, Josh)
  • Daisy (current player, Saigon)
  • Doug (friend of Daisy)
  • Clint Bryant (Hanoi Swan)

Team 4 (3 Over)

  • Phil Johns (current National President)
  • Mark Greenshields (2010 player, Saigon & Hoi An and current sponsor for home loans)
  • Shaun Greenshields (brother of Mark)

2010 Ryan Jeffrey Jacket Winners

The proud winners of the Ryan Jeffrey Jacket in 2010 was Team 1: Ryan Jeffrey, Peter and Dave Kainey.

Other winners were: 

  • Nearest to Pin #1 – Ryan Jeffrey
  • Nearest to Pin #2 – Mark Greenshields
  • Nearest to Pin #3 – Doug
  • Nearest to Pin #4 – Shaun Greenshields
  • Longest Drive – John Cranfield

After the golf had finished and we were at the Clubhouse, Peter Kainey, brother of Dave, thanked the Vietnam Swans for our gesture of wearing black armbands during the recent Indochina Cup in Saigon to honour the memory of his mother (see Farewell to Dave Kainey’s mother). Peter said that the Kainey family was moved and very appreciative of the Vietnam Swans gesture of support.

National President, Phil Johns replied that it had been a great honour and privilege for everyone at the Vietnam Swans to wear the armbands.

Then, it was off to Ryan’s house for the traditional post golf BBQ – and to reflect upon the new age of Australia struggling in the cricket!

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