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Saigon raises $33,000 for QLD flood victims

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 17, 2011

Tonight's fundraiser draws to a close after 250 people came together in HCMC to raise $33,000 for the flood victims.

Tonight in Saigon, the community managed to raise a whopping USD33,000. USD9,000 was raised in cash and $24,000 was pledged.

It was an absolutely extraordinary response to an extraordinary tragedy in Queensland.

Amazing sponsors were led by the Boomerang Bar ($10,000) and Meinhardt Engineering ($5,000). An individual managed to chip in more than $3,000. So many sponsors. So many people giving generously.

Meanwhile, the Vietnam Swans in Hanoi will jointly host a fundraiser with JASPAS and Auscham at Hanoi Towers on Friday 21 January. Fund raisers will also be held in Hoi An and Vung Tau this week.

All money raised will be transferred to Australia next week via the Commonwealth Bank free of bank charges and at zero margin on the forex rate. Details will be published by the Vietnam Swans and Auscham.

Thank you to all for your super generous contributions. High quality photos will follow.

Against the inland sea of devastation, it is still just a drop. But the ripples of goodwill from Vietnam will be well received by those who need it most back in Australia.

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28 Responses to “Saigon raises $33,000 for QLD flood victims”

  1. Willy said

    Congrats to all involved. Man is that an achievement or what. In the overall scheme of things $33 000 is not going to solve even 1% of the flooding problems in Aussie right now, but if helps some families, some young kids get back to school or what ever it may achieve it can only be for the good.

    And it just shows nearly every person out there deep down has a good heart!!

    Congrats again to the Swannies in Saigon and more importantly all those who offered support to obviously an amazing event.

  2. William, Vietnam said

    This is great work.
    Being part of a huge Australian outfit with an office and many clients in Queensland, we as a firm have already made a donation to this. And at the family level my wife has done so. She also sent every tin in the house and is now worried about Horsham/Dimboola (in Victoria) where we spent time on the then thinnest Wimmera river.
    I agree it looks good to have foreign support so I pledge $500 via VN Swans.

  3. Peter, Oz, ex Swannie said

    stellar night and fund raising swannies. well done

  4. Nigel, Vietnam said

    I couldn’t make it tonight, but will be donating. Fantastic effort.

  5. Perry, Australia said

    As I write this comment you are probably at the magnificent fundraiser for the flood victims.
    The floods have now spread to Victoria and there are many towns that are being flooded for the first time in recorded history.
    You have all done a magnificent job in putting this event together so quickly. I wish I could come along.

  6. D, Vietnam said

    Well done!

  7. Scott, Australia, ex Swannie said

    That is an amazing effort by the gang to raise $33K!!! I was at the Aust v Eng ODI (cricket match) on Sunday and they only raised $20k from donations at the ground so you guys have gone off!!

    Also, my Sister’s place at Fig Tree Pocket in Brisbane was fully flooded. I’ve attached some pics to give you an idea of what thousands of ordinary people are going through. Very nasty.

    Well done again to the Swannies and supporters for the great effort.

  8. Tony, Melbourne said

    Just a quick note to convey my congratulations to you and your team at the Swannies.

    It’s a tough time in Australia but the Aussie spirit is alive and well!!! And to witness efforts from all walks of life makes me feel humble.

    It’s not really my place to thank-you but I wanted to acknowledge your efforts.

    Well done to all!! Hope to see you in Vietnam this year.

  9. Arron, Australia said

    Hope all is well in Vietnam and congrats on the money raised for the flood victims. You guys have quite the setup!!

  10. N, Vietnam said

    Incredible result, I will drop in some USD this week.

  11. N, Vietnam said

    The Thai Business Association was glad that we could be a small part of it.
    Congratulations that the fundraiser was successful. So many people turned up.

  12. Louis, Vietnam said

    Well done on the organisation of the night – the Swans did a great job to pull it together in such a short time and the amount raised is a credit to you all.

  13. Wayne, Vietnam said

    Unbelievable – great result!

  14. MH, Vietnam said

    Its amazing.
    Congrats to you all for your great efforts!
    It was a great event last night.

  15. Tim, Azerbaijan said

    Hello to all of the Swans in Vietnam. My name is Tim. I took your training once in October 2009 and signed up as a supporter and receive about 3 same copies of every email sent out by the Vietnam Swans. Some of you bastards must have bugger all to do at work!!!!

    The reason for writing. Having lived many years as an expat, (including 4 years in Saigon) occasionally I look at Australia, the way it is governed, lack of service when you call a large company or government dept., modern trends and other things that an ageing bastard like myself finds difficult to adjust to, and think, “Thank God I don’t have to put up with it all of my time.”

    But the response of the volunteers; The general public of Brisbane and its’ surrounds, on their own initiative, in their thousands, picking up their cleaning gear and travelling into the flood areas and helping as much as they could, made me immensely proud of being an Aussie. Maybe they do it like that elsewhere in the world when they have a natural disaster but I have never seen it.

    THEN you bastards living as expats in Vietnam go and raise USD 33,000. Very impressive indeed. Well done to all involved.
    As the years creep on it is good every now and again to get a genuine reminder (not linked to our sporting prowess) as to why I am so proud to identify myself as an Aussie wherever I am on this planet. The last 2 years have been spent in Azerbaijan. Very difficult to get the footy on the TV there. Bloody Soccer and Rugby only!

  16. Shannon, Vietnam said

    Super awesome work!

  17. David, Saigon said

    $33K !! tremendous effort.

  18. Anthony, Saigon said

    Thanks – and well done on a very successful evening and all for a very good cause.

  19. Mic, Saigon said

    Great work! I’m a Queenslander so that is excellent.

  20. Jacko, Hanoi said

    Thanks. You ripper. Looking forward to a big turnout in Hanoi as well (on Friday 21 January).

  21. Philip, Melbourne, ex Swannie said

    What an amazing effort for the flood relief effort. Congratulations to all.

  22. Anne, Adelaide said

    Hi all. You just received a great (and well-deserved) plug on Ch7’s “Sunrise” program.

  23. Ron and Ailsa, Queensland said

    Your great effort made it on to (the Channel 7) “Sunrise” program this morning. It is truly ironic that we have only just returned home from Brisbane on 6 Jan and the week before Christmas went to a fundraiser for the Vietnam flood victims at Griffith University with a whole bunch of Vietnamese students as guests of one of the students.

    Great work.

  24. Adam, Saigon said

    Well Done. $33000 !!!!!

  25. [...] Also, many people have written into the Vietnam Swans regarding the fundraiser. We have decided to share these comments, anonymously, beneath the previous story under “Comments“. [...]

  26. Kevin, Vung Tau said

    Well done, Swannies!

  27. Graham, Sydney said

    That is just fantastic.

  28. David, Saigon said

    Very proud on Monday night to see the Swannies efforts for the flood appeal. This Club just keeps on making me proud, with some very amazing off field achievements.

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