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Asia’s Best Bars

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 10, 2007

Peter “Harbs” Habel from the Malaysian Warriros did some good, solid research prior to the Asian Champs.

He produced a White Paper on .

So whether you’re living in or going to Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong etc, you really need to read the attached bible.

Do you agree or disagree with those that have appeared on the list? Post a comment.

2 Responses to “Asia’s Best Bars”

  1. Stray said

    Harbs obviously hasn’t heard of the word ‘budget’. A night of beers in many of the Saigon listed bars would deplete my monthly drinking budget.

    Take Level 23 (at Sheraton Hotel) off the list. 80,000VND for a ‘room temperature’ Heineken is a definite no-no for any self-respecting, beer drinking, Jim Beam loving Vietnam Swan.

  2. rohan said


    which bar’s picture is the above one????

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