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Laoatian Elephants and Squashed Moths

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 5, 2007

You may recall that our neighbours in Laos are so excited about the Champs that they’re planning on starting a new club called the “Lao Elephants - Slow, fat and almost extinct”.

Upon learning of the Swans colour clash with every other club in South & North East Asia, these Einsteins collectively put on their thinking caps. They now have a Concept Design and Team Song (see ) for their new uniforms which Michael Hassett helpfully offered to us. The Elephants ”doubt there will be a clash on grey and pink”.

The Swans, frankly, were disappointed with their concept and advised them accordingly:

“The trouble with you guys is that there is a big difference between ‘almost extinct’ and ‘extinct’. We fear we may have met you prematurely. Hearin’ us?”

The Elephants replied:

“Piss off duck or I’ll stomp your head”.

IQ’s of squashed moths. We’re Swans. 

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