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The AFL Wrap from former Prez, DT the Smooth Taber

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 20, 2007

Here’s the weekly AFL Wrap from none other than the man with the DT’s, Daryl Taber!

We’re almost to the home straight in the sprint to the September Action and the Mighty Cats have a huge lead on the field. It’s hard to see them being beaten. Two questions though. Can they maintain the momentum and will they remain virtually injury free? I bet the Pussies wish the Grand Final was being played this week! 

And Same Same with the Vietnam Swans tipping competition with Kutch the man to catch. Ex skipper Jarrod, Chris and Sri are the main chasers. 

Hawks – Clarko says it’s just a home and away loss and we won’t dwell on it. But I’m sure his boys will hear more from him early in the week as the fact is it was undisciplined acts in the first minutes of the final quarter that got Port back into a game they had no right to win. 

Port next face the Cats at the Cattery. I think the Cats will notch up their 16th straight win! The Hawks round 22 clash with Sydney will shape the lower section of the final eight. 

Are you a believer that one man can virtually get his team over the line? Bomber supporters will say gentleman James did it again when he had 8 vital stats in the crucial 1st 15 mins of the last quarter against the lowly Blues. Or are the Blues Tanking? 

Collingwood’s Nathan Buckley will return this week, and boy, do they need him. The Pies have struggled against the three bottom sides recently. In the twos on Saturday Buckley starred, BOG by far kicking four goals, one from 55m. Will the hammy withstand the pace of the big league?

September Action is almost upon us. Bring it on!

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