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Hanoi prepares for the 5th Indochina Cup in Vientiane

Posted by Vietnam Swans on November 16, 2011

Hanoi Prez, C. Dan Hopkins, at this year's Asian Champs.

The Hanoi President, Dan Hopkins, catches up on Hanoi’s preparations for the Swannies’ assault on the 5th Annual Indochina Cup.

Hi all,

After being away for the last few days, I’ve come back to a whirlwind of emails. It seems that the “maybes” the “I’ll have to think about its” and the “Oh, I don’t knows” have been rounded up by the big fella, Dan K and have jumped on board for the Indochina Cup in a big way.

Great stuff to all who have made the decision to get involved and tour. From past tours to Lao, I can say without any qualms that it will be an unforgettable trip. Edo our new ‘man mountain’  recruit has decided to pull on the boots after only a few weeks of training. Really happy to have you part of the Swannies, Edo.

I know some of you have other commitments and are not able to make it. That is unfortunate and we will be playing for you blokes on the field as well.

From sifting through the emails, it seams that Hanoi has a touring party of 6: Dan K, Edo B, Hao T, Phil H, Stew G, Dan H.

Go you Swannies!

Footnote: Tomorrow, Saigon will find out who the Saigon President elect will be to replace the departing Prez, Dez Limbrick.

4 Responses to “Hanoi prepares for the 5th Indochina Cup in Vientiane”

  1. Willy said

    foggy recollections of that tour Hanoi prez but me thinks Stanno, Ryan, your gracious self and I attempted to play a game of golf with the big emphasis being on attempted. Stanno can play the game and if I remember right would have competed with John Daly’s 10th hole effort in the Aussie open. The only prob for Stanno was we were on the 1st hole!! I guess doing battle with a bloke from Zambooka at the same time doesn’t help matters.

    Then again, I think the Hanoi prez, Dan got the best score on the first which doesn’t say much for big Ryan or myself..

    Go you Swannies!!

  2. Willy said

    And I reckon while talk’n about tours to Laos someone should be running a book as to which team takes the Indo China cup..

    Surely the odds would be something like this:

    Laos 6/1 (home ground advantage)
    Laos without Snakes 4/1
    Cambodge 8/1
    Cambodge with Stanno 16/1 (hey surely he will kick to the Swannies end..)
    Vietnam Swans 5/1 without All Asian champs Dez & Dukes
    Vietnam Swans 14/1 with new potential recruit Fev
    Vietnam Swans 2/1 so long as the National ‘toepoke’ President plays..
    Vietnam Swans with Danny ‘I’ll just kick a quiet 6′ Armstrong same odds as whatever they give Black Caviar..

  3. Vice Pres said

    I think Laos at $1.15 if our boys stay out of the clubs the night before… Go the Phants! FYI, no snakes this year… better replacements have arrived! Thank you Australian Government and your sponsored workers in Lao!!!

    • Michael, Swannies know all the inside gos. Ex ‘Phant, Phil Jordan has a set of loose lips that will sink the Elephants’ ship!

      Pleased to hear the Australian taxpayer is looking after you guys.

      Meanwhile, the Swannies are just looking forward to getting over there next weekend. It’s going to be mega.


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