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Cousins Costs Swans a Sum

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 3, 2007

Yesterday, Ben Cousins was welcomed back to Subiaco Oval by the West Coast Eagles.

As he tries to rebuild his cracked career, he has told close friends that he really has turned his back on drugs. Now, if ever he’s feeling vulnerable, he leaves his shadowy friends in Perth, jumps on a plane and escapes for a quick fix holiday in Amsterdam.

The Ben Cousins story has conservatively cost the Vietnam Swans heaps of Vietnamese Dong in lost sponsorship.

Following the highly successful footy match last year in Hanoi between the Hanoi Swans and the CARE AFL All Stars, which was filmed by a Channel 9 cameraman, we were to “go to air” this year on the Footy Show’s season opener. Alas, that was at the time that the Ben Cousins story broke and we were bumped from the show accordingly.

Ah well. But for a stroll down the Swans memory lane of fame, attached is a story that was published last year about the Hanoi Swans in . The story was written by the Swans’ Chris Canty.

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