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Archive for June, 2007

Casper wins the Mega Jim Beam, Saigon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 24, 2007

Last night at Cafe Latin (Saigon) – correction, it’s now been rebranded as  ”The Office” – Casper the Dutchman was floating after winning the Mega 4.5 litre bottle of Jim Beam!

Casper arrived in Saigon from Holland two weeks ago and has started building a pipeline with a heap of Kiwis. The Kiwi connection explains why he was at The Office (Latin) to watch New Zealand and South Africa play in the Tri Nations Tournament. 

When asked for a profound comment, Casper replied, “Live long and enjoy life” before adding, “Go Orange!”.

When asked to describe the feeling of winning 4.5 litres of Jim Beam, he said, “It’s Just the Best”.

Those who study the photo closely will notice Super Savvy Scotty in the background. As well as the Swans players, our Coach likes to keep a very close eye on Jim Beam Swanettes, Ms Kieu and Ms Tuyet.

For your chance to win a mega bottle of Jim Beam, come back next weekend to The Office.

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Will bumps into the Rooster

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 24, 2007

The Rooster has returned. Remember how he had some insightful comments about the Asian Champs, that he plays for Singapore, and that he went over to Vienna for the to play with Finland (home of ex Swan, Antti)?

Well, he’s back. The Rooster sent an updating email to his “Beloved Bats”. The Bats are Sydney’s UTS Paddington Bats which is where former Swan, Will Martin currently plays.

Will, who lived in Hanoi last year has confirmed he will jet in from Sydney to play with the Swans in our inaugural appearance at the Asian Champs. Will, a pillar in the Swans on-field and off-field performances, was a firm believer that one needed a minimum of 8 hours sleep per week (sic).

This attitude hasn’t gone down so well with the Bats who currently sit on top of the ladder. They’ve trained him so hard that literally his stomach has come up. And a novel concept for Will has been to drink less & sleep more (“unheard of approach”).

The Swans Match Committee is impressed with Will’s level of footy profesionalism. The Committee would like to think he will remain footy focussed from the moment he steps off the plane in Bangkok to running out onto the ground for Asian Footy’s biggest day in 2007. However, they believe the chances of that happening are unheard of. 

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One for the “Unheard of!” category

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 24, 2007

Mr Ryan, who had a long a distinguished playing career with the Hanoi Swans and the Jakarta Bintangs – and has tru blu Asian Champs experience – was recently invited by the Swans to play for the red and white again next month.

Given Ryan now lives in Melbourne, we weren’t so surprised to receive his apology that he wouldn’t be able to attend.

However, unbelievably, Ryan went on to explain: “I was planning on it… but then got the unexpected call that my ex was coming to Melbourne… and she lands on the weekend of the Champs”.

Mate, I’d get rid of the ex!

But, in fairness to Ryan, he doesn’t mess up everything. He’s the one who fired up the inaugural Swans Annual Golf Championships at the prestigious Royal Ivanhoe Golf Course in Melbourne in 2005.

The event was so successful it was repeated in 2006 and has now become a permanent fixture in Melbourne’s Social Sporting Calendar. It’s played on the 4th Day of the Boxing Day Test Match (29th December).

Plan your 2007 Christmas holidays around this event – which is followed up by some of the best burgers you will ever enjoy, courtesy of Ryan’s barbie.  

(Photo from the 2006 Golf Day, left to right: Micky J, Mr Ryan, Fabbo Phil, Daniel Boone, Snags Canty and Mike)

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Winner of Mega Jim Beam Bottle!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 23, 2007

Last night, the Saigon contingent of the Vietnam Swans kicked off our 2007 Asian Champs Campaign with our first draw for the mega, 4.5 litre bottle of Jim Beam.

We started at Cafe Latin, then went to the Underground, Vascos, Blue Gecko and back to Cafe Latin for the draw at 10pm.

And the winner was… Kerry Armstrong! But where was she?? She had bought a ticket at Cafe Latin from the superb Jim Beam Swanettes earlier – but had now seemingly vanished. Pago, the President of the promptly phoned but alas, Kerry confirmed she had already left for the evening. She promised however to return tonight.

Never mind! Congratulations Kerry for being our first winner!!!!

Thank you to all the people who participated in the raffle, Cafe Latin, the Underground, Vascos, Blue Gecko – and the Jim Beam Swanettes!

Tonight, the Jim Beam Swanettes will return to Cafe Latin, from 7 – 10pm to give away another mega Jim Beam bottle. Get on board!

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Swans’ Spy Satellite Spots Elephants

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 22, 2007

Following intense pressure from Coach Scotty Stacey in the Swans Control Room, it was decided to reposition one of the Swans Spy Satellites monitoring the Singapore Wombats and Jakarta Bintangs to look for the Lost Laoatian Elephants.

The Elephants, if not their legs, were quickly found grazing at what they describe as Laos’ National Stadium (more grass at that place than at Hanoi’s Dead Cat Stadium. But smaller stands).

From Left to Right are: Matt Hegarty (Honourary ‘phant from Japan), Alex “Ronnie” Barker, Mick “Aker” Hassett, David’s “Pretty” Camp and Marty “Richo” Sharples. These ‘phants claim that missing from the photo are Brian Holford, Grant Follett, Sonny Jim, Will Williamson and Robert Harvey. Everyone else says, Phantom ‘phants.

After being captured on camera by the satellite, it seems that the ‘phants have enjoyed their new found fame. They have since started forwarding unsolicited photos to the Swans Control Room. They argue the concrete elephant eating the footy in the photo is their ruckman.

Students of our great game have noted  that in every photo we have of the ‘phants, no one ever wants the footy! Are they scared of it? Just as there are many packs on the footy oval, these students warn we may be looking at another pack - a pack of posers. “Soft posers!” one gentleman quickly added.

Coach Stacey refused to be drawn on whether he would ever tell an elephant to harden up. 

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The Rat’s amongst the Cats

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 21, 2007

Micky J, currently on assignment in Australia, is fast gaining the reputation of an international media sl*t!

While claiming to “Woof Woof” in support of the Western Bulldogs, he’s actually taken his rat tail into the  heartland of the Cats, Geelong, and has started courting their media.

The Geelong Advertiser thinks that the Swans could be a very interesting story – so long as their parochial readership can be fed a Geelong Footy Club angle. Enter Susan McKeag, passionate Geelong supporter, from the Australian Embassy (unfortunately, details of the full Geelong connection are embargoed until the article is published in the Advertiser).

While Cats supporters are challenging at the best of times, Mick says he is confronted with a special challenge. He’s still trying to work out how to put a positive spin on the fact that the spiritual home of footy in Hanoi is Dead Cat Stadium.

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Prez Taber departs for Australia

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 21, 2007

Yesterday, President Taber who served the Hanoi Swans with such distinction during his 12 month reign from May 2005 – May 2006 left for Australia. Fortunately, it’s just for a holiday.

However, as a teacher in an international school, the rest of us find it easier to measure his holidays in “half lives”. His current “half life” means he will fly right over the top of our Asian Champs campaign next month. That’s a big shame because Daryl has played a big role in making us get there. So we remember and recognise your efforts DT in the lead up to our inaugural campaign. 

For the Record

Daryl “Smooth” Taber (180cm, 83kg)

Fearless, lightening quick ex-Carlton onballer and cross dresser. Credits include teaching Polly Farmer how to handball; running the 2007 Harbour Bridge to Bondi marathon in the buff; and dacking Chopper Reid in the infamous 1984 Hanoi Swans V/s Pentridge inmates bloodbath.

Chopper returns his pants after being famously Daryl DackedSurprised many in 2005 when he let his two daughters put soft drink in his beer esky. Went on to win Father of the Year. Diminutive in height, a standout in the showers. 

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Jim Beam – Just the Best

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 20, 2007

Today, we have been given a sneak peek at the official promotional poster for the 4.5 litre bottles of Jim Beam!

The poster, together with the 4.5 litre bottles of will start appearing in fine watering holes like Jaspas towards the end of the week.

Don’t worry about whether you’ll be lucky another time. Purchase some raffle tickets and have a crack at being lucky this time in winning a mega bottle of Jim Beam. In the process, be part of the excitement of Vietnam’s 1st National AFL Team and its inaugural appearance at the 8th Annual Asian Championships!

Jim Beam - Just the Best.

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Jim Beam Party Crew to hit Jaspas in SGN & HN

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 20, 2007

It’s Official!

The Swanettes ( Party Crew) are about to hit Jaspas in both Saigon and Hanoi. So, you better hold on tightly to your cowboy hats for these two not-2-be-missed events.

In addition to the Jim Beam Swanettes, there will be free-flow Jim Beam and finger food.  Raffle tickets for mega 4.5 litre bottles of Jim Beam, complete with cradle, will also be sold. So, regardless of which city you happen to be in, the Vietnam Swans, Jim Beam and Jaspas have got you covered for a big night in entertainment!

Jim Beam Swanettes at Jaspas with Louis teh French Canadian, Dec 2004

The details of the Jim Beam Swanettes swaggering into Jaspas are below:

Saigon: Tuesday, 3 July from 6 – 8pm . 100,000VND for finger food and Jim Beam.

Hanoi: Friday, 6 July from 7pm. $10 for finger food and Jim Beam… 

Beers etc will also be available for purchase if required. But why would ya?

Be a part of history. Be part of Vietnam’s first ever National AFL Team and its inaugural assault on the Asian Championships. 

As a wise man once said, “you can only be first once”.

And as another wise man once remarked, life for the Vietnam Swans would be far more difficult if we didn’t have the very generous support of Jim Beam and Jaspas. Thank you Jim Beam and Jaspas.

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Austrade Commissioner declared “Hero”!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 19, 2007

Austrade’s Commissioner in Saigon, Kevan Dacey (who will come to the Asian Champs), has been declared a hero by the People’s Football Committee after a heroic display last weekend at China Beach.

Sitting poolside, he heard the calls of a distressed seagull over the horizon. Kevan quickly tightened his speedos, threw his Vietnam Swans hat onto a nearby light and in a flash had hit the water and was gone.

By the time the photographer had a chance to ask, “What was that??” Kevan and his wake, had long disappeared. All that remained was his hastily tossed Vietnam Swans hat. 

Thankfully, Kevan returned to shore safely with the saved seagull. Phew! Unfortunately, there was no more film in the digital camera, so the moment of triumph could not be recorded.

Nevertheless, it’s yet another ah-mazing story involving one of our QBE hats.  I wonder when and where the next one will come from?

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Ed’s feet take him to the front of the pack

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 19, 2007

The Swans Farewell Club has swung into action again with the departure last Sunday of the Mighty Mr Ed and his sensational wife, Kate.

With Mr Ed, rather than start with the head, let’s start with his incredibly important feet.

Ed prefers to show the world his feet as often as possible – even when he’s on the dance floor of an AusCham Gala Christmas Ball (“Oh mate, I hate shoes”) – or when he’s on the dance floor at Hanoi’s New Century the night the AFL boys had come to town. (The same night, when the main lights came on, we could see the mighty Mr Ed being shuffled gently towards the exit by a bouncer. With his arm around the bouncer, Ed was reminding him that it was all “gowwwwwwwld!”.)

You would think that Mr Ed would try to protect those feet a little more. After all, he needs them to feed his passion for surfing (which has caused him considerable grief in land-locked Hanoi).

He needs those feet to demonstrate silky skills, left or right, to devastating effect on the footy field. “Tommy on the tit”? Not a problem for our Mr Ed. With Ed on our team, we very nearly knocked off those alleged professionals from the AFL.

Those same feet which give him an amazing array of physical skills that enable him to soar, are also well planted on earth. With the footy nestled safely between his feet, Ed will reach out and help anyone and everyone whenever he can.

When the Swans became involved in the Warmhouse Orphanage in Hanoi, Ed took a lead role in spending time with the children – whether that be kicking a footy, kicking a soccer ball, teaching some English, handing over donated sporting goods, raising money for the Orphanage etc – Ed was the man (to learn more about the Swans involvement, check out the Swans ). When it came to getting the students from Hanoi Law University, Ed was the man. When it came to the footy stall at AusCham’s Big Day Out, Mr Ed had his hand up in the air again.

It’s an exclusive group of people that can take “inclusivity” to the heights that Ed does.

Whenever Ed chose to leave Vietnam, it was always going to be too early. It’s an especially big loss that he will not play with us in the Swans inaugural Asian Champs campaign. I’m sure he is one of the few players that Coach Super Savvy Scotty would have allowed to pick his own position on the field.

The Swans salute Mr Ed and the magnificent Kate. We all wish you the very best back in Australia. Perhaps next year when we’re flush with sponsorship dollars, we can fly you out for our 2nd Asian Champs (besides, by then, half of Hanoi’s kids will be driving us crazy with their chants of, “We want Mr Ed!”).

Have a good one.

Big Day Out, Hanoi 2007Ed and Kate at the Orphanage, HanoiPlaying the CARE AFL Team, Hanoi, October, 2006

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Swans Blog punches through 1,500 hits barrier

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 18, 2007

On 11 June, the Swans punched through the 1,000 hits barrier. Today, 7 days later, we passed through 1,500 hits.

kept telling us we needed a blog site. Eventually we agreed and asked him to make/design it. And he did. So far so good!

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