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Swannie to set up Auskick in Palau

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 28, 2011

Then: Batchelor at the MCG in 2008. Now: Batchelor's view of the PCG (Palau Cricket Ground)

Former Swannie, Chris Batchelor who toured to Bangkok in 2007 as part of our first Asian Champs campaign, has just moved to Palau. For those of you who aren’t familiar with , it’s 500kms east of the Philippines. Chris writes:

I’m on a 12 month assignment in Palau where, as in Viet Nam, they televise AFL non-stop on weekends over the AFL season. The sports mad president of the community college has been confused with the game since it first came on TV.

Immediately upon my arrival in Palau he gave me my first assignment: to explain AFL rules, via a footy clinic, to both him and the Palauan community (population 20,000 spread over some pretty nice islands). According to the president, there is a chance of introducing the game here with the eventual goal of taking a team to the Arafura Games or other annual competition in Melbourne. Big goals but possible in the long term.

In the short term, Chris is now securing some Auskick gear through the AFL to set up those footy clinics.

Chris then signs off his email  with, “Cheers from Palau – a tough posting for those who don’t like fishing, diving and surfing.”

Judging from the view from his balcony (see photo above), there seems to be a lot of jungle and water. Palau just might be a tough posting for anyone wanting to run a footy clinic. And those footies may end up being used as floaties!


  • In the photo above at the MCG, next to Chris, is former Hanoi President Daryl Taber and current National President, Phil Johns. In a coup for the Swannies Website, Daryl Taber shall return for the AFL Finals with his hard hitting column, Taber Talk. It’s bound to be highly controversial and highly read.
  • The photo at the MCG was taken on 28 December 2008 when Australia was playing South Africa. This year the 5th Vietnam Swans Annual Cricket Day at the MCG will be held on 28 December when Australia plays India. The following day, the 7th Vietnam Swans Annual Golf Day will be held in Melbourne at Royal Ivanhoe Golf Course. Click here for the Vietnam Swans 2011 Calendar.

One Response to “Swannie to set up Auskick in Palau”

  1. mj said

    My hand is up for the first international to be played in Palau. Let’s get over there before Batchelor teaches them too much about the game.

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