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Sandman within walking distance

Posted by hanoiswans on June 9, 2007

Will Sandman, superstar Aussie Rules player for Louisville, Kentucky, has just emailed in to say that “ is made about 30 minutes from my house”.

Now, that’s gotta put the Sandman within walking distance of the Swans newest sponsor!

While Will hasn’t been to Vietnam before, he has found the Swans on the web. He will be in Saigon in September and has already booked himself a Vietnam Swans hat and a seat at Saigon’s Sensational Grand Final Event (organised by Darren Cotter and the boys - last year held at the Le-gend Hotel).

I’ll say again, the reason why people honk their horn in this country is because they love footy. 

2 Responses to “Sandman within walking distance”

  1. RM said

    Mate, this is an unheard of a blog!


    See ya squire!

  2. said

    Mate, I dunno where you’re comin’ from but I’m hearin’ ya, loud and clear! Are ya hearin’ me?

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