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Archive for August, 2007

The Weekly Club Email to Members

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 11, 2007

1. There’s just 3 weeks to go before Vietnam will host the Hong Kong Dragons down in Saigon on 1st September.  Please confirm if you will be playing. It’s always good to go into a match with a bit of confidence that we will have enough players.

2. Does anyone want to go to Japan and play for Box Hill North in the Narita Cup on 6 October 2007? If you do, we have an open invitation from Box Hill North.

3. The Thailand Tigers will be playing the Malaysian Warriors on 25 August in KL and need to boost their numbers. If you happen to be in KL that weekend, or want to be there, there’s an open invitation.

4. According to the Grand Final Countdown Clock on the Swans blog, there is just 49 days to go before the Grand Final. Hanoi will host the Vietnam Swans 2007 AFL Grand Final Party. Saigon will host the Saigon Saints Vietnam Airlines 2007 Grand Final Brunch. If you know of anyone wanting to be a sponsor please contact us.

5.  Nearly finally, have a look at the . She’s a bewdy, mate. Keep your eyes peeled for the posters for Hanoi (launched 1 September) and Saigon.

6. Very nearly finally, a look at what’s coming up: 20 October – Vietnam Swans V Brunei Sharks (SGN); 17 November Vietnam Swans Vs Thailand Tigers (HAN).

8. At last, finally. For further info, contact us at our new email address, .

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Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 10, 2007

With only 50 days to go before the Grand Final, the Club believes we should treat like any other block of 50 days. So we’ve managed to find a website that deals with beer - cheap beer.

Chris Canty (former Swans player and journalist) and his friend, Sten one of the men), have put together a website called - a website dedicated to finding cheap beer.

According to the “About us” section of the happiesthour:

Chris Canty has been a journalist for the last ten years.  While completing his first novel “single, ready to mingle, give me a jingle”, he decided to create an icy pole out of frozen beer for unemployed Arts students called “writers block”. While trying to find cheap beer for his icy pole business, he thought of this site instead. Those that know him best don’t want to. He is a tight arse.

Sten Gavronski is a 6′4 Estonian guy that has made Australia his home and beer his blanket. Those that know him best are out of pocket.

It’s a sophisticated website that also tackles a range of social issues. For example there was a story on choosing the best uni: 

Those that choose to go to uni, decide on which one to go to for a variety of reasons. Prestige, close to home, they got crap marks, etc.

But when it comes down to it, the most important part to play in deciding on where to go is their location to pubs.

How about hangovers? “Hangovers are natures way of keeping most of us in 9-5 jobs. If there weren’t repercussions from big nights out then every night would be one.”

Canty’s Booney Doll cracked it and walked out of his loungeHe also has some hard hitting observations that express some social outrage – such as the infamous “VB Uproar” when VB announced they were simultaneously lifting prices while reducing alcohol content. “My Talking Booney doll just said ‘F*ck this’ and walked out of my lounge.”

Unheard of.

Check out

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Asia’s Best Bars

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 10, 2007

Peter “Harbs” Habel from the Malaysian Warriros did some good, solid research prior to the Asian Champs.

He produced a White Paper on .

So whether you’re living in or going to Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong etc, you really need to read the attached bible.

Do you agree or disagree with those that have appeared on the list? Post a comment.

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The Bali Geckos

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 8, 2007

You may remember an incident during the match against the Bali Geckos where there were a few people who were sin-binned.

The first guy sent off for the Geckos was a guy by the name of Sam Pritchard. Shane’s a best mate of a best mate of the Swans’ Matt Wenke’s business partner at Juice Cafe in Saigon (Wow, talk about six degrees…).

The second guy sent off for Bali was Gunny. Our Sammy was also sent off for arguing the benefits of Gunny not wearing his hat! How, for goodness gracious sakes can you play footy in a hat?

Gunny and Sausage Roll WoodleyThe Swans Blog has learned that not only is Gunny, apparently, a funny bastard, he also has an OBE for saving people at the first Bali Bombing and he followed up by building a contact list and information service for locals.

If you would like to know more about the , including their runners up performance at the Champs and their miraculous win against the Swans, read the .

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The 2007 Narita Cup & Melbourne Vietnam

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 8, 2007

Last week, reported that the Japan AFL has officially started promoting the 2007 Narita Cup. The Narita Cup will be held on 6 October in Tokyo and will coincide with the 20th anniversary of footy in the country.

Japan has been on the move in the last 20 years and now has a senior and a university competition. Further, the All-Japan Samurais played in the 2002 and 2005 International Cups. You may also recall the number of Japanese Nationals who represented Japan at the Asian Champs last month in July.  

At this year’s Narita Cup, 5 teams have committed – the Tokyo Goannas, Eastern Hawks, University Samurais, Osaka Dingoes and (VAFA, Australia).

Box Hill North is, of course, the Mother Club of the Elgar Park Dragons. Additionally, because of our loose links with Box Hill North and the Dragons, Box Hill North have extended an invitation to the Vietnam Swans to join them in their Narita Cup Campaign. 

Meanwhile, the Samurais will tour to Australia from 30 August to 9 September 2007. On 4 September, they will play Melbourne Vietnam at Elgar Park.

How good would it be if the Melbourne-based Vietnam Swans could make a special appearance at Elgar Park for that game?

For full details of the 2007 Narita Cup and the upcoming Samurais tour of Australia, click on the  link.  

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Elgar Park Dragons finish the season

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 8, 2007

With all the excitement of the Asian Champs and the unification of  an Australian Rules Footy team in Vietnam, the Swans Blog has unwittingly and regretfully got behind with what our Vietnamese cousins are getting up to back in Australia.

A quick check of their website reveals that they may have already finished the season. Up to 14 July – when we were in Bangkok for the Champs – the had won 7 from 12 with another two matches to go (click on the side thumbnail for full results).

The website doesn’t seem to mention the results of the last two games or the ladder and nor does it seem to mention wild celebrations.

Not normally a betting man, I’m tipping that that’s not a good sign for their last two matches or their finals hopes and dreams.

However, as the Vietnam Swans know only too well, setting up a team and a Club can be difficult. Notwithstanding all those initial difficulties, it seems like the Elgar Park Dragons have put up a genuinely stunning performance in their first year. The future would seem very bright for them.

Congratulations to the Dragons.

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Molly launches Grand Final Countdown Clock

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 7, 2007

This afternoon in Hanoi, superstar of the 1970′s Countdown TV show, Ian “Molly” Meldrum, officially launched the Vietnam Swans Grand Final Countdown Clock. 

The Countdown Clock will appear in the sidebar of the Swans Blog and is expected to generate significant interest not only in Vietnam but across the region and the universe.

According to the Countdown Clock, there are just 53 days to go before the Grand Final on the 29th September.

When asked for a single word to describe the Countdown Clock sensation, Molly replied, “Awwwwwwwwwwesome”.

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Saigon launches 2007 AFL Grand Final Event

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 6, 2007

The 2007 Saigon Saints Vietnam Airlines AFL Grand Final Brunch’s campaign has officially kicked off with the announcement that they have recruited Rod Ashman as their special guest speaker.

For those of you who aren’t fully familiar with Rod Ashman, Rod used to play for the Eaglehawk Football Club (near Bendigo, Victoria) and managed to pick up the Best and Fairest in 1972…

But as well as Eaglehawk, Rod went on to play 230 games for Carlton and played in their back to back premiership teams in 1981 and 1982. He was also named in Carlton’s Team of the Century as a forward pocket (apparently for the Blues Team of the 21st Century, the selectors are still waiting to see who plays in 2099 before committing).

The 2007 Saigon Saints Vietnam Airlines AFL Grand Final Brunch will be held on Saturday 29 September at the Legend Hotel. As well as Rod Ashman, it will feature a live telecast of the Grand Final on big screens, free flow wine and beer, a full day buffet and raffles - all for just 600,000VND (USD38).

All proceeds from the event will go to the Loreto Vietnam-Australia Program.

The event has a maximum of 240 guests (30 were turned away last year) and already 120 tickets have been allocated for sponsors and those travelling from Vung Tau and Australia.

The remaining tickets go on sale on 1 September – but the - which played a big part in the Vietnam Swans inaugural campaign at the Asian Champs – also has access to tickets.

For those wanting to sign up, the SRFC Prez, Chris “Fines Master” Pago. Or, contact Darren Cotter the organiser of the Grand Final Day on   

Whatever you do, if you’re going to be in Saigon on 29 September, there’s only one place you will want to be: at the 2007 Saigon Saints Vietnam Airlines AFL Grand Final Brunch.

PS Keep your eyes peeled for the revolutionary Countdown Clock to the AFL Grand Final on the Swans Blog. It’s set to appear soon and is expected to be awwwwwwesome. 

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Different camera angles

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 6, 2007

The beauty about playing in major international championships is that you have heaps of camera angles to see what really happened.

Here, Bossink bares his teeth and says to Thailand’s Cameron Sinclair, “Come and get me!”. So Cameron did and laid the tackle. Hate that.

Surprisingly, Cameron says that his origins are Kiwi and rugby. Really? We would like to see a third camera angle to confirm that statement.  

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The Rooster crows again

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 6, 2007

What is the definition of an international footy sl*t?

The answer is the Rooster.

Rooster, pictured with Will Martin to the left, has recently written to the Swans asking for contact details of the Brunei Sharks and Laos Elephants. The reason? He wants to play with both those teams against us (Rooster, pet, would you just like to go and play out on the road for a little while?).

The Swans obviously were very happy to forward on the relevant contact details because we don’t care who we play against. But in passing, we did ask what he had against Vietnam.

The Rooster replied that:

“I have nothing against the Swans… but I have already played for Vietnam (the Saints that time… in Bangkok against Thailand in 98/99 – mostly Saigon but 2 or 3 from Hanoi and me from China. Actually, (I) kicked the first ever communist goal on democratic soil that day).

“…and Brunei and Laos would make my 18th and 19th countries to earn a test cap for (will have a run for VN if you need the numbers against someone else, but guess you don’t need the numbers at home).”

Rooster is an international footy sl*t. 

By the way, Will currently plays for the University BATS. So did the Rooster.

Rooster is an international footy sl*t. 

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The Team Photo at the Champs

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 4, 2007

For a while, we thought that we did not have a photo of the official team shoot. The photographer used by the Thailand Tigers even sent through an apology saying that he had forgotten to take a photo of us because he thought he already had. He blamed it on Singapore wearing the same jumpers as us.

This photo arrived in the mail yesterday from Thailand.

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The Fines Master breaks his silence

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 4, 2007

After a period of silence since the Asian Champs, Pago has gone on the record to explain why we were fined at all!

The day after the Champs, at 11am on the Sunday morning, when a few of the red and white Swans were looking green and greener, Pago opened up his Fines book. Those incurring fines imbibed a shot of Thai whiskey per offence.

Pieter Bossink was fined for a photo taken before the trip had even started. The Fines Master considered that the photo, taken at the Jim Beam night at Jaspas, Hanoi, brought the club into disrepute!

Other highlights included Coach Stacey being fined for being “the only coach at the tournament who didn’t know what time we were playing next”.

Mexican Eddy was fined for “being the only Mexican in the tournament”.

Prez Phil was fined for chewing his opponent’s ear off: “The bloke was asked more questions than he’d had hot dinners and now knows more about the Swans than any other opponent”.

Mixo KrisKris “Mixo” Vandermeer copped it for “swapping his rose coloured glasses for rose coloured eyeballs”.

To find out what other fines were meted out on the basis of gossip, innuendo and imagination, click on the link, .

Pago made a very Fine Master of Ceremonies on that Sunday morning. Top work, that.

For those interested in a bit of nostalgia, attached is the original . Now that we all have time and we don’t have the threat of fines hanging over our head, we may want to read what we were supposed to have done over the weekend.

And how about Coach Stacey organising the discounts on jugs of protein shakes and blended pasta shooters…

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