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Archive for July 5th, 2007

Around a ground in a row boat

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 5, 2007

Super Savvy Coach, Scotty Stacey had travelled to Hanoi specifically to see the Hanoi boys at training tonight – and do some work during the day. He knew there had been a deluge but he wasn’t expecting a flood.

He grabbed a row boat and went in search of islands which would allow our highly paid cattle the opportunity to at least bounce the footies. But nothing there.

By night time, when Scotty returned, the situation had turned into farce when he discovered a beached ship of all things. Unheard of at Dead Cat.

Not unexpectedly, the ground staff banned all training on the ground. So, don’t expect an inspired training report from the Hanoi Chapter tomorrow morning.

But imagine skipping footy training just 10 days before the biggest footy comp these guys have ever played in?? 

Harden up, buy yourself a set of floaties and jump the fence.

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Swans unveil Official Tour T Shirt

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 5, 2007

Yesterday, Scotty Stacey put his body on the fashion line by wearing the mock up of the Swans new Official Tour T Shirt. Scott points out that the circles drawn around the two logos on each breast make it look like you have a pair of breasts! Unfortunately, Scott expressed his opinion and now those breast lines will be removed! In the picture, Scott is wearing an “XL” 

The design on the front of the shirt is far simpler than what was originally intended. Issues arose with the original supplier and a decision was taken to switch suppliers even though time was running short. To greatly assist the printing process, the design was necessarily simplified.

But what that means is that as well as a great Tour Shirt, we can also use the original design on our Grand Final shirts in Hanoi. The design will also be offered to organisers of Saigon’s Grand Final event. 

How good is that??

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Drawing up the rules for the draw

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 5, 2007

The Organising Committee has arranged for the long awaited redraw for the Asian Champs to take place on Monday, 9th July at 7.00pm Bangkok time.

In the interests of being seen to be squeaky clean, Rob Vlazlovski, Second Secretary and Consul from the Australian Embassy in Bangkok, has agreed to do the draw.

Team names will be placed on ping-pong balls (symbolising, of course the fact that aerial ping pong just keeps rolling on in Asia) and put in a hat.

The 1st team drawn will be placed as  Team 1 in Pool A. The 2nd Team drawn will be placed as Team 1 in Pool B. Third Team drawn will be placed as team 2 in Pool A. The 4th Team drawn will be placed as Team 2 in Pool B etc etc…

Team placing will be entered into a document entitled, “Official Schedule”  which will be signed by Robert and be available for inspection by any Team.

An SMS text message will immediately be sent to each of the participating teams. The Swans will post the draw on this blog.

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