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Archive for July 8th, 2007

From Hero to Zero

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 8, 2007

Collingwood’s Alan Didak recently found himself one night in the company of a biker who took pot shots at a very big factory. Alan’s friend, a week later, went on to take pot shots at innocent people at point blank range in Melbourne’s morning peak hour.

Alan’s fall from grace can probably be traced back to when the Pies played the Cats.

Collingwood’s Alan Didak’s transformation

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Swans Blog passes through 3,000 hits

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 8, 2007

On 7th May 2007, the Swans took one small step into cyber space by launching our blog. Our first story was “Two months and 10 days before the Champs”. 

Yesterday, exactly 2 months later on 7 July and just 7 days before the Champs, we recorded our 3,000th hit. The last 1,000 hits came in just 12 days.

Since 8 June, we have been using to track the stats for the blog. According to it, in the previous month, visitors to our blog came from 36 countries. Vietnam accounts for 52 per cent of the traffic and Australia 26 per cent. In third place comes the United States with 8 per cent.

For the full details of which country has visited us, click on the following link for the .

To see how much traffic we have had in the past 30 days, click on the thumbnail.

(Technical expertise, support and maintenance for blog site provided by )

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6th Winner in Saigon!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 8, 2007

While we haven’t a clue whether he likes the Murray River, we can confirm that Bob Murray was our 6th lucky winner of the Vietnam Swans/ Jim Beam Mega Raffle at The Office in Saigon last night.

There was a special feeling in the crowd last night. The Wallabies were playing the South Africans on the tele which hadn’t happened since Casper pulled in the Mega bottle a fortnight earlier.

It was also the Swans last draw before setting off for Bangkok and the Asian Champs next week. Reflecting the importance of the occasion, we asked previous winner, Jody of Kentucky fame, to hand over the Mega JB. 

It was then off on the Walk of Fame. Bob made it half way around the ground floor before pulling the equivalent of a hammy and he retired gracefully to the bar.

We asked Bob what he was thinking when his name was drawn: “I wasn’t really thinking of anything. But, I’m now thinking I will need to organise a big Truck Off! party with Mega Jim”.

With only a hint of ridicule in his voice, this ardent rugby supporter said that he was “so happy for Aussie Rules that you are playing in the Asian Champs”. But, there was no ridicule when he wished the Vietnam Swans, “Just the Best” in our inaugural campaign.

Congratulations Bob!

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Swans Control Room hearing Hanoi in patches

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 8, 2007

Friday night was the Mega Jim Beam Party up in Hanoi as the Swans entered their last week of fund raising and preparations for our debut at the Asian Champs next weekend in Bangkok.

The Venue was Jaspas, the product was Jim Beam and the purpose was footy.

The Swans Control Room has received a couple of grainy photos off the satellite of what happened there on Friday night. It would appear that empty Mega Jim Beam bottles were being handballed and kicked – possibly out near the pool area which could become the focus of another posting or even the subject of a full blown investigation. 

Without doubt, these photos raise far more questions than they answer. Where’s the Jim Beam? Where are the Jim Beam Swanettes? Where are the people? Where’s the party? 

As soon as we find out more, the “real story” will be posted.

By the way, nice handball Mick and good smother, Growds.

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We were wrong

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 8, 2007

On 6th July, the Swans blog featured an in depth player profile on Alex “Ronnie” Barker using the attached photograph. 

Since then, the phones have been running hot with fans screaming, “That’s not Ronnie; that’s Mick “Hollywood” Hassett!”

“There’s no doubt about that”, advised the Swans Prez. “When you’re trying to forge a brand new team from different countries in a limited amount of time, you need to employ new and sometimes controversial tactics so that people notice. Clearly, this is the technique that has been employed by the Swans Marketing Department on this occasion.

“Both Mick and Ronnie are outstanding players and great contributors to the Club. We’re all looking forward to their games next Saturday in the Champs”. 

For those who are interested to know what Ronnie looks like, the candid photo to the side was taken by Marty with a dirty lens at the Lao National Stadium during training last week. Ronnie is the one riding David Kemp with a stray ball floating between the two.

You can’t help but wonder where the light would be coming from once the camera stopped flashing.

Breaking News: The light may well come from a Lao National. Mr Tong, a Laoatian was officially welcomed to training last week as Lao’s first National to play AFL. According to Marty, “…the boy could play. Will be a sensation when the Elephants take on a Vietnamese outfit towards the end of the year”. 

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