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Archive for July 11th, 2007

“Good luck!” from the Saigon Rugby Football Club

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 11, 2007

In this week’s newsletter from the Saigon Rugby Football Club, they wish the Club well this weekend when we “take part in that other sporting event with the oval ball – AFL – at the Asian Champs in Bangkok”.

That’s probably as close to a passionate embrace between AFL and Rugby that you will ever see anywhere in the world!

The support of the Saigon Rugby Club has been extremely important and appreciated by the guys trying to fly the Aussie Rules flag in Saigon. Their support has played a significant role in the formation of the Vietnam Swans and our inaugural appearance at the Asian Champs.

We doff our hats to the .

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Player Profile: Ian Bossonet, Saigon

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 11, 2007

Just before we talk about the Boz… he is currently in Thailand preparing mentally for the big clashes in 3 days time.

Boz reports that while reading the Bangkok Post the other day, while drinking a long, hot coffee, he read a “reasonably sized” article about the Asian Champs. The Vietnam Swans scored a mention as debutants.

Who knows how many mentions the “debutants” will receive after the Champs? Especially when the smart money is on the Vietnam Swans actually…

Boz says his preferred game is rugby. Being Aussie Rulers, we knew he was Irish and vulnerable. We knew he wanted to play.

This guy’s fiercely competitive on the field – or anywhere else. The Irishman even peels potatoes like he’s in the dying seconds of a Rubik’s Cube Championship.

The Club will be keen that he is hungry on the day. The Fine Master for the Tour has already declared that if Boz is found with a potato, he will be fined. 

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Sydney Swans wish Vietnam well!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 11, 2007

Tony Morwood, the General Manager of the Sydney Swans in Melbourne and Canberra has written to the Vietnam Swans on the eve of our Asian Champs campaign to wish us well (see below).

Morwood played with South Melbourne/Sydney Swans from 1978 – 1989 for 229 games. Much of his football was played on the forward flank where he kicked most of his 397 career goals. He twice topped the Swans list of goalkickers.

Morwood was a slimly built player who possessed excellent overhead skills and was genuinely pacey (as is Scotty Stacey we hastily acknowledge).

As well as representing, Victoria, he was named as a Half Forward Flank in the Swans Official Team of the Twentieth Century.

To read Tony’s email, click on the “thumbnail” below.

We’re really closing in on the Champs now. Go the Swannies!

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Player Profile: Captain Gus McEwin, Hanoi

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 11, 2007

In Hanoi, it’s not just the ladies who are known for their long legs and silky skills.

At 34 yrs, he has clocked up the highest number of international AFL matches ever played by anybody in any Vietnamese team ever. Wow! Stop and reread that and you’ll hear yourself say “Wow!” again.

The statisticians are still learning their trade over here but we think Gus may be sitting on about 9 internationals and to be honest, we wouldn’t have the foggiest about the number of kicks. Approximately half of those matches he has played as the Captain of the Hanoi Swans.

You would expect Gus would need broad shoulders to carry such weighty responsibilities but at 183cm and weighing just 75kg, his shoulders are a bit narrower than expected. This allows him to cut through the air and run even faster.

Loves to lead by example and will relish the challenge of co-captaining the new, mega Vietnam Swans.

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Player Profile: Michael “Growds” Growder, Hanoi

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 11, 2007

He’s 33, 188cm and 90kgs. Given the right conditions, Growds seems to be able to make the ball do exactly what he wants.

On the field this fiercely competitive ruckman can sometimes forget that he’s a Diplomat off it. So expect bursts of eloquence between passages of brilliance (the smart money is betting that even ”His Munificence”, the Coach, will not be immune from the occasional spray).

Unfortunately, his northern Australian origins mean he’s not pure AFL. He is susceptible to try drilling long spiral passes past the five-eighth and into the centres which can cause considerable confusion within the team.

While Growds claims he screams forward pass! to the “referee” less often, he does freely admit that he is “yet to cut down on the screaming more generally”. 

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