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Archive for July 2nd, 2007

Tales from a northern city

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 2, 2007

Last night Super Savvy warned his players in Hanoi that he would be up there in Hanoi for Thursday night’s training session.

Coincidentally, the rumour mill started spinning at a feverish pace this afternoon when the anonymous confessional email was received from a player suffering the guilts:

My fitness campaign was going well up to last night when I hit the Sheraton buffet; and let me tell you I hit it hard… Biggest heart burn that I have ever experienced was last night… Truck me, I thought I was going to die.

All the same, it was a great buffet! 

Player Profile – Travis Fennell, Hanoi

Full back but prone to lapses in concentration. Has failed to submit his stats for weight, height and age to the match committee.

However, when he’s in the zone, carrying the weight of a General, he can split a pack. He can also skip across the ground as lightly and as gracefully as a gazelle!

Trav with the aerial ping pong in his handTrav’s just returned from a 10 year reunion in Australia with his Leongatha footy club, so we’re tipping that the smell of leather and glory is fresh in his nostrils.

The young guns on the other teams will be in for a shock.

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Swans Score Stunning Scoop for Blog Site

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 2, 2007

For the past two weeks, the Saigon Chapter of the Vietnam Swans has been wandering into Cafe Latin using the cover of selling raffle tickets for Mega 4 litre bottles of Jim Beam (and to make friends with the Jim Beam Swanettes).

Well, tonight, the Swans can reveal that it was actually an operation so secret that not even the Australian Prime Minister can remember being briefed by his most senior advisors.

Rumours had been circulating around Saigon that the Cafe Latin has undergone a name change. One of the rumours has been that downstairs is to be known as “The Office” and upstairs is to be known as “The Boardroom”. So the Swans decided to find out what was really happening.

The Swans are pleased to report that our first undercover operation has been a success. We can now confirm that downstairs is “The Office” (so at last there’s an argument for spending more time there). Further, it has its own logo! Here it is -

Awesome logo. And absolutely awwwwwwwwwesome support from The Office as the Vietnam Swans raise funds raffling Jim Beam bottles for our inaugural appearance at the Asian Champs.

See you at The Office on Friday and then Saturday night in our farewell raffle. 

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Around a Ground with Coach Scotty Stacey

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 2, 2007

We had an “almost  nearly” 2 hour run late this arvo on the brand new turf at RMIT, Saigon. A bit short on numbers but big on effort.

We focused on competitive work and ball skills because we are all pure fitness machines down here. Drew and Johnny, our two ruckmen sharpened their ruck skills whilst others worked hard on clearances. Euan and Phil dominated the ground work whilst our two newcomers to AFL, Eddy the Mexican and Irish Ian proved they were just mean bastards when it came to shepherds and assists.

Last week Damo was in sensational form on a wet track (we prepare for all possible conditions!). Joe’s looking like a fit Anthony Rocca. Pago’s transition to a skillful game (from rugby) has just been awesome and the multiple talents this guy has just keep continuing to astound. Kris, the best kick in Asian footy is looking trim and raring to go and Scotty Beasely who was dominating the training a couple of weeks ago returns from his reccie trip to Bangers this week with all the inside info. I’ve heard from Will who says he is  in very fine form with an expected 6 to 8 games in Sydney under his belt before the Champs. Sam reports he has been burning up the gym and is in David Rhys Jones type form.

I am tipping a great report card will be issued on Friday after I attend Hanoi’s Thursday training session. This should be the peak session so we are gonna see some serious skills and fitness on display I am sure.

How are you guys in Laos and Cambodia doing? I was hoping to make a trip but couldn’t squeeze it in so we would love to hear how your preparation’s going. How many 100’s do you guys run on a non-ball work session? I’m guessing about a dozen right?

Keep up the work guys, it’s all looking good!

Scott (Super Savvy) 

Editor’s Note: Being a full time coach in addition to a full time job can be tough. It’s not helped when you have to deal with parking attendants. The other day, Scott gets into his car and one of those guys came over for some money. Scott barks back “No! Anyway, how can you claim a parking fee? I’ve parked illegally!”

Hmmm, good point, thought the attendant. So he nodded his head and walked off. And we drove off.

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